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Frequent crashing on the mobile. what should I do?

I have created an app in power apps which imports about 3k,3k,3k records into three collections. There is a photo field. For some reason, it crashes often. Can I get anyone to see what I'm possibly doing wrong.


The size is around 200MB. Does power apps have a limit on cache size? I can give my session id if someone wants to look at it and see what I'm possibly missing? 9k records are too few to cause issues

Power Apps
Power Apps

A session id would allow some further investigation, yes please.



Does this help?

This session id isnt from a mobile session, its from a web authoring session in Chrome on a Mac. 

Oh yeah. How do I get the mobile session id?

On PowerApps mobile it is on the "Hamburger-menu"/Session details - grab this, and then try to crash the app. Once it crashes, post the session id.

Session ID: c8b02048-5756-c804-6ff2-6884be5d3ded

This session ends with you listing (4?) apps. I dont see anything untoward here.

@AndyPennell wrote:

This session ends with you listing (4?) apps. I dont see anything untoward here.

I don't understand listing(4?) kindly explain what you mean

It happened again.

Session ID: 8b0aeca6-4c06-1664-0da9-2da391776112


It just crashed again. Yes there are 4 Apps but only one session id. The only app I opened was the UD-CIS.

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