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Galery Filter by Combobox (Sharepoint Choice column)

Hi Together,


i just try to Filter my Galery by a Combobox wich gets its Data from a Sharepoint List Column with the Type Choices.


I have Data in the column "P" like:

1, 2

1, 3




I now want to show in the Galery for example all Rows with "1" or with "1" and "2"

I dont find realy syntax for filtering in Power Apps "Items" Options on the Internet. 


I tried it with: (Galery "Items")

Filter(Table; P in ComboBox3.SelectedItems.P)


Maybe someone can Provide the right Syntax?


Thanks and Regards



Hi @WarrenBelz ,


you are right it is a multi value Sharepoint List Column. I know that this is complex 😞


i had a look again to the collection. My First Value is "1"

I've tried it  with your Idea of Value or Value 1. I also tried Item or Items or Item 1

But nothing worked. It says the Name is invalid


Do you know if there is a debug field where i can see what Data i would get with the filter i suggest or wich text i get from the combobox? 


Do i have the possibility to search for an match in the hole colTable.P Table/Rows? 


Hi @TheRealFlori ,

What is the name of the heading in the table you can see in the collection? That is what you need to reference. 

So if the Heading is Value1, then the reference is P.Value1

Hi @WarrenBelz 


it look like this ColTable.png

But my "1" has a pause eg: "1 1"


I've tried your Idea. 

Everytime i get an Error

Filter(colTable; P.Value in ComboBox3.SelectedItems)
Filter(colTable; P.Value1 1 in ComboBox3.SelectedItems)
Filter(colTable; 'P.Value.1 1' in ComboBox3.SelectedItems)
Filter(colTable; P.Value.'1 1' in ComboBox3.SelectedItems)

Hi @TheRealFlori ,

Your field is not P - it is Plant

The correct reference is

   Plant.Value in ComboBox3.SelectedItems


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Hi @WarrenBelz ,


i know. I've already did this. It changes nothing 😕 

The "P" was only to make it easier for us 😉




Hi @TheRealFlori ,

This has got to be something very simple we are missing as this is a very basic query. 

Is the value of Plant.Value numeric? Try

   Text(Plant.Value) in ComboBox3.SelectedItems


Hi @WarrenBelz 


thanks for your idea. I've tried this also and i search in google an tried some Text_Format function but this also wont work. 

Filter(colTable; Text(Plant.Value) in ComboBox3.SelectedItems)

I get an error that he expected text or an number  ....


funny If i give it the source directly to my Sharepoint List it says

Filter(BLOG_DB; Text(Plant.Value) in ComboBox3.SelectedItems)

that in text is an argument missing. I've searched in the official Documentation from Powerapps and found only formating in Dates or time. Is there also a format into Text? Maybe this will help?


Hi @TheRealFlori ,

There comes a time to call n the cavalry . . . I am out of ideas.

I will tag my colleague @Anonymous who loves unravelling formulas - I will keep track of this.


Hi @WarrenBelz 


haha, thank you for tag your colleagues!

I know its complexe because of the special Sharepoint column




Not applicable

@WarrenBelz thanks for the tag, this was a really tough one. I couldn't solve it on my own, I had to use the magic of @RezaDorrani and one of his fantastic delegation videos. These should be in every Appsters toolkit!



I will try to give you the answers you need for your solution but you may need to adjust it slightly by watching the above video?


ComboBox3.Items is:


Note: Reza uses a ClearCollect to get his choices whereas I've just used the Choices function. Not sure if my way causes any issues though?


Your Gallery needs to be a Flexible Height Gallery, where Gallery1.Items is:



Now, all the labels, dropdowns, datepickers you have in your gallery select them all using CTRL then Group them together. Then, the Visible property of this group is set to (this is pure magic!!):

"yes" in Concat(ForAll(ComboBox3.SelectedItems.Value, If(Value in ThisItem.Plant.Value, "yes", "no")), Value)


And that's it! Watch the video above if you get stuck, here it is in action:



Let me know if you get stuck


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