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Advocate II
Advocate II

Galleries snapping to top row

Sorry if I missed this topic elsewhere. I had this problem begin today, in an app that has been working fine for three years. Suddenly, all scrolling galleries were snapping to the top after I scrolled down. It did not happen in any other app, and nothing significant changed in this one.


First I tried toggling on the Show Navigation, and the galleries stayed where the navigation arrows put them, but scrolling with the bar or with the mouse wheel had them snap back to whichever row the navigation arrows put it at.


What I wound up doing was toggling OFF the Show Scrollbar setting, then toggling it back ON. The galleries are still snapping to the top on my first attempt to scroll, but after that they're fine. This initial glitch also occurs when I leave a screen and return to it: first time scrolling, it snaps to the top, but after that it's fine.


Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, is there a cause or a fix? 



Regular Visitor

FWIW I am experiencing this as well in version 3.22103.22 but thankfully not in the Live version of the app, version 3.22091.27. The gallery is flexible height, and changing it from DisplayMode.Edit to DisplayMode.View and back again resolves the problem for some time but it eventually comes back.

Advocate I
Advocate I

Does someone know how make MS aware of this? On the MS support site  there is a "Report a Problem" , but it's only a link to this community. I also found  a blog post from 2018 stating "You’ve double checked your formulas, connections, code, etc. and believe you’ve found a bug. Head over to the PowerApps Community and let us know. The PowerApps Product Group is on overwatch specifically for these situations."


Very much appreciated if someone from MS could let us know if they are aware of this issue.


Frequent Visitor

Not sure how applicable this is, but some of my users have reported that is they use the search box (most of my apps load collections and then use the Search function to filter galleries) the problem goes away 'most of the time'.

Frequent Visitor

Yes we are also facing this issue. and problem is that if we go back to old version it is only temporarily when we open power apps studio it goes back to new version with scrolling issue. and we can not send new deployment to clients due this scrolling issue. 


Other things with same new versions my half team is facing this issue and half team is not facing issue, all of us are on same new version. and we have not heard anything from our clients means they are good i think but i have a fear if we send ne deployment to clients they will start facing this issue.


so any permanent solution for this please? will be very appreciated.

Helper I
Helper I

Just wanted to add myself to this thread as we're also facing the exact same issue. Our flexible height galleries all jump back to the top when a user hovers over any 'clickable' control.  We've been using flexible galleries for over a year and this only started happening for some users in the last couple of weeks.

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

Confirmed - I'm having the problem also - Flexible Height Galleries only... (Not that I use any other kind - why would you?)


Any news from MS would be great...

Frequent Visitor

We're having this problem as well.  Rolled back the PA version as a workaround, but that won't be acceptable long term.

Helper III
Helper III

We have multiple long galleries in one app, I have also created dummy gallery where used Sequence (100,1,1), removed all buttons left only title text: 1 2 3 4 5... so 100 items. When I freshly open an app it scrolls smoothly, no problems.

Now the interesting part:

We have another gallery which shows Item name, also shows if that item belongs to another collection - Lookup(AnotherCollection,CollectionItem=ThisItem)... And button to go to another screen related to that item.

I scroll through items and everything is ok, but let's say I want to alter 50th item (out of 100). I go to another screen, add that item to another collection and return to the gallery. Now gallery item shows that it belongs to another collection, like it is supposed to do. But now I am unable to scroll... No matter how many times I attempt to scroll it always returns to display 50th item on top of the screen. If I go to another gallery - it misbehaves too. Even dummy gallery keeps returning to fixed point. I have raised MS ticket and will wait for feedback.

Advocate II
Advocate II

Thanks for the additional feedback, everyone. Yes, @james_hathaway , I don't know who would use any other kind of gallery but a flexible height. Why is there any other choice?


Looking forward to hearing MS's response to @ArturasF 's ticket.

Advocate I
Advocate I

Hi All, just wanted to let you know that I found the magic "Support" button and raised a ticket to MS. I'll keep you posted. 

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