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Gallery Button -> Navigate to Form

Hello everyone,


I would like your help on the following scenario:

I have started building an application, where I have several fields and those fields are Patched into a SP List. I don't use the SP list as a source, I patch the data there. On a different screen, I have a gallery, where the source of data is the above SP List. At the end of it, I have a button "View CMF". Each row here represents one row from the SP list.


What I want is "on select" of this button to be redirecting me to the screen of the form, where the respective entries are shown from the SP list.


- Do I need to create another screen, where here I pull data this time from the SP list?

- Could a solution with global variable work?


Thank you in advance!!


on the form, set the items property to Gallery1.Selected (where Gallery1 is the name of your gallery in step 2).


Then on your gallery button

Select(Parent);Navigate(Screen3); EditForm(Form_1)

Another thing you could do is set a variable to ThisItem when selecting an item, and then set the item property of the form to the variable.

Thank you for the reply jlindstrom,


Your solution would work assuming that I have a "predefined" form, which is linked to a Sharepoint list.

Instead, I am using the "patch" function to paste random fields to the columns of the sharepoint list.


Is the only solution here to select the "customize form" from the Sharepoint? and then follow your advice?




Based on the issue that you mentioned, you created a form to patch field value to SharePoint list and you want to click a button to navigate to Form where displays the corresponding record.

I have a test on my side, please take a try as below.

Set the OnSelect property of the Button as below.






Note:The EditForm2 represents the Edit Form within your Edit Screen (mine is Screen3).


Set the Item property of the EditForm as below






 Note: Gallery3 represents your gallery control within your app.


Set the DefaultMode property of the Edit Form within your Edit Screen  to following formula:






The operation above will solve the problem that you don't have a predefined form. 

Best Regards,


Best Regards,



Perfect, I will give it a shot, I believe that both solutions described would work.

Just to recap, there is no way to both edit and view a set of predefined fields, unless I have grouped them under a form - whether this form is created based on a sharepoint list (solution A) or not (solution B)


Can you confirm?


Thank you!!

so both of us basically suggested the same thing which assumed you had a form

for the cmf to display the selected records


if that isn’t the case, you can still display the values without a form. When you select the “view cmf” button in the gallery, you can navigate to screen 2 and without a form, you would need to add controls to the canvas. You will still need to add a text control for each field you want to display. If the fields are in the records in the gallery where you click the view cmf button, you can use the Gallery1.Selected.fieldname.Text to show the field from the selected gallery item. If that field is not in the record in the gallery you will need to fetch it via LookUp

Hi @jlindstrom 


There was a mistake in the phrasing, you captured my question right.

Not all the fields are part of the gallery.


What about the text control field? Would I need to modify the DisplayMode of each text field i.e. Change Management Name, Project Type etc?


I am attaching 2 screenshots, first one is the gallery, second one the template




Thank you for the help 🙂

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