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Helper III

Gallery Item based on dropdown

Hi All,


I have a gallery object which I want to display items based on a dropdown selection. I have tried multiple options from filter to lookup. Basically when I select an item in the dropdown, I need to display the first item which matches in another table. Then the subtitle to be a ForAll type action where all items from the other table which match the first item to be listed.


So this is my table - Package is the item I will select in the dropdown, module is what I want as a "group title", and under it, is listed all the items included in that group. Perhaps a gallery is not the right way to do this?


Any advice would be awesome thank you!


Inventory ManagementInventory OverviewDisplay Stock Overview
Inventory ManagementMaterial Requirements Planning (MRP)Manually Run MRP
Inventory ManagementMaterial Requirements Planning (MRP)Manually Run MRP (Single Material)
Inventory ManagementMaterial Requirements Planning (MRP)Convert Planned Orders to Purch. Reqs
Inventory ManagementMaterial Requirements Planning (MRP)Running Stock Requirements List
Inventory ManagementMaintain ReservationCreate Reservation
Inventory ManagementMaintain ReservationChange Reservation
Inventory ManagementMaintain ReservationApprove a Reservation
Inventory ManagementPerform Goods Receipt (Non-Warehouse)Create an Inbound Delivery (Non Warehouse)
Inventory ManagementPerform Goods Receipt (Non-Warehouse)Perform Goods Receipt (Non Warehouse)
Inventory ManagementPerform Goods Receipt (Non-Warehouse)Transfer to Blocked or Quality Insection Stock
Inventory ManagementPerform Goods Issue (Non-Warehouse)Create Outbound Delivery
Inventory ManagementProcess Inventory Transfer (Plant to Plant)Run material availability report
Inventory ManagementProcess Inventory Transfer (Plant to Plant)Create stock transfer request
Inventory ManagementProcess Inventory Transfer (Plant to Plant)Approve stock transfer request
Inventory ManagementProcess Inventory Transfer (Plant to Plant)Convert approved STR to STO
Inventory ManagementProcess Inventory Transfer (Plant to Plant)Create outbound delivery for STO
Inventory ManagementProcess Inventory Transfer (Plant to Plant)Create goods issue for STO
Inventory ManagementManage Inventory DisposalsDispose of stock
Inventory ManagementManage Physical InventoryCreate physical inventory document (non EWM)
Inventory ManagementManage Physical InventoryPrint count sheet
Inventory ManagementManage Physical InventoryEnter count (non EWM)
Inventory ManagementManage Physical InventoryAnalyse / investigate differences (non EWM)
Inventory ManagementManage Physical InventoryCreate recount sheet (non EWM)



So I make everything step by step.


Make an Dropdown to Filter your Module.

Items -> Distinct(Mapping.Module);


Make an Gallery which only shows the selected modules.

Items of Gallery -> Filter(Mapping; Module = Dropdown.selected.Module).Items

Make an textinput in your Gallery -> Text: ThisItem.Items


Try this. 

Almost perfect!


I had to add a listbox for the items in a module but I have the correct data coming up now. So it is:


Dropdown: Distinct(Mapping, crb20_package)

Gallery: Filter(Mapping, crb20_package = Dropdown2.SelectedText.Value)

Title: ThisItem.crb20_module

Listbox: Filter(Mapping, crb20_module = Label1.Text)


Only last issue is that the modules are coming up duplicated. So looking at the original table how it is mapped the module is listed for each item. I tried the distinct method on ThisItem.crb20_module, but got an error that it was expecting 2 arguments. 


I have attached a screenshot. 


Powerapps screenshot.png

I never tried this before, but try this: Distinct(Mapping, ThisItem.crb20_module)

That didn't work unfortunately Smiley Sad


Trying evertthing I can think of 😕 I have a new screenshot because I have also added a formula to size the box based on the amount of values listed. I feel so close yet so far!

Powerapps screenshot.png

Powerapps screenshot.png

For anyone with the same issue. I solved it. I changed the gallery text from:


Filter(Mapping, crb20_package = Dropdown2.SelectedText.Value)




Filter(Mapping, crb20_package = Dropdown2.SelectedText.Value),

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