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Advocate II
Advocate II

Gallery Navigation button not working.



I am having an issue with a canvas app I put together. It uses a gallery that is extended to show only one record at a time. Whenever the app is loaded the "Navigate Forward" button does not respond. It works as expected on the studio but when loaded on the player the button it animates on click but the gallery does not navigate forward.

After much frustating experimentation I have determined that using the scroll bar first then the navigation button fixes the issue for that session, however it is not something I can ask my users to do everytime.

Any help would be appreciated.

Helper V
Helper V

Please disable this CSS from your custom CSS


I hope this helps!


Advocate III
Advocate III

I too am having this issue. I don't want to waste retail space using scroll bars but don't have any option just now.

New Member

Has there been any official fix or workaround for this bug? If I set the Gallery Navigation step to 2 it preforms perfectly, but obviously that means only seeing every second record.

I would be curious to know about this as well.

This issue exists for quite a while already. It's time for a fix, considering that its a very common scenario to show only 1 item per screen in a mobile environment.

Helper I
Helper I

Switching NavigationStep from 1 to for example 2, and switching it back again to 1 fixed problem. But for how long? ...

Helper I
Helper I

Whole day i was not able to fix this button, solution is so simple that i should not mention how much time i spend to get it.

If in play mode your horizontal gallery  navigation button dosnt work. ( showScroll = false , showNavigation = true ) 

For a quick fix, change your gallery like below.

NavigationStep = If(yourGalleryName.VisibleIndex = 0, 2, 1)


The issue is that gallery cant handle to jump from index 0 to 2 with navigation step = 1. if you look at galleryVisible index in edit mode, it starts from 1, in play mode from 0... in my opinion it shouldn't be like that.

Frequent Visitor

I found the solution.  You need to set the WrapCount property >=1.  By default it has no value, which I think should be corrected.  My guess is the NavigationStep doesn't know how many items to scroll up/down if you don't tell it how many items are displayed per row (i.e. per TemplateItem).

Regular Visitor

Since there is no "official" solution in this topic i want to share something that i tried and worked.


I changed the display mode of the gallery to Edit. Well, of course this isn't the best way to solve and there is some attention points, but, in my case, was a good workaround.


I hope it helps.

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Double-check if the gallery is in edit mode...

Display Mode  = Edit

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