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Gallery control almost impossible to use / scroll on a touch enabled device (e.g. Surface Pro)

I just published my in-development app for the first time to test it on the target device - a surface pro. I am not sure what's going on, but I can't really scroll the vertical gallery with my fingers using the device touch screen. It only moves a few pixels up or down.... You can try to hold the scroller on the side with your finger to scroll, but it's too small to select with anything but the precise use of the mouse or trackpad. Am I mising something? Should the user be able to use their finger to 'swipe' to scroll up or down in a gallery control (vertical). If not, is there a control that has the functionality of the gallery but will let users use touch enabled devices to scroll through it? Otherwise it's not really usable except in a desktop scenario.


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Yes, the fix will also apply for Windows PowerApps Player.


I think a blog post to clarify the benefits of Improved App Rendering is a great idea. I will contact the relevant people to write something.


We will make sure that major issues are resolved before retiring classic rendering mode, so please post in the forums if there are any issues. The development team monitors the forums closely, so your feedback matters!

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Hey James,


I've just come across the exact same scrolling issue, it seems to only affect the the Windows PowerApps app. The scrolling is unusable in it.


Touch scrolling works perfectly on the ios app and also with the browser on the PC. The work around for now is to use the browser in full screenmode (F11).


Hopefully there's a way around this.




Is there a mechanism to raise this as a defect? @Tim78

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

A couple of our users just alerted me about this issue today. In testing, I found one app that behaved this way and one that didn't, both running on the same version of PowerApps (3.18083.31). So after checking App Settings -> Advanced Settings, I noticed that the one that didn't scroll well had Improved app rendering toggled on and the one that scrolled well didn't. Toggling Improved app rendering off fixed the issue in our case.

Thanks @wyotim could I ask what the downside of turning off improved app rendering would be? Just so I understand the pros and cons of whether to have this on or off?

Not to sound too negative, but I haven't found what it helps. Smiley LOL I haven't noticed any cons from turning it off and it seems that every time it was turned on automatically by MS, things would break in our apps, such as overlayed elements rendering with vertical strips missing and scrolling issues like this one.


Hopefully, someone with more knowledge can comment as to what it helps so that we can all learn but I haven't found anything bad about having it off. 

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Thanks, that worked for me.

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It's not going to be good if they don't fix the bug before classic is replaced.


@CWesener is this a known bug which will  be resolved before the classic rendering is removed?

The fix for touch scrolling on Edge will be released soon, in early November.

Improved app rendering has several benefits. Complex apps with many screens will have the most improvements. For example, controls in non-visible screens will not take up memory, whereas they did in classic rendering mode. 

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Resident Rockstar

@tahoonThanks for the update and the info. It is very appreciated! Will a fix for scrolling in the Windows PowerApps player be out around that time as well?


Also, is there a place or an upcoming blog post where we could find out more of the benefits of the Improved App Rendering? It would be great to know more so that we could know how best to revise older apps, as well as just the general knowledge of what cool things you all are putting in there so that we can fully leverage the advantages. Thanks again for the reply!



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