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Gallery control almost impossible to use / scroll on a touch enabled device (e.g. Surface Pro)

I just published my in-development app for the first time to test it on the target device - a surface pro. I am not sure what's going on, but I can't really scroll the vertical gallery with my fingers using the device touch screen. It only moves a few pixels up or down.... You can try to hold the scroller on the side with your finger to scroll, but it's too small to select with anything but the precise use of the mouse or trackpad. Am I mising something? Should the user be able to use their finger to 'swipe' to scroll up or down in a gallery control (vertical). If not, is there a control that has the functionality of the gallery but will let users use touch enabled devices to scroll through it? Otherwise it's not really usable except in a desktop scenario.

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

@tahoonThanks for the update and the info. It is very appreciated! Will a fix for scrolling in the Windows PowerApps player be out around that time as well?


Also, is there a place or an upcoming blog post where we could find out more of the benefits of the Improved App Rendering? It would be great to know more so that we could know how best to revise older apps, as well as just the general knowledge of what cool things you all are putting in there so that we can fully leverage the advantages. Thanks again for the reply!



Yes, the fix will also apply for Windows PowerApps Player.


I think a blog post to clarify the benefits of Improved App Rendering is a great idea. I will contact the relevant people to write something.


We will make sure that major issues are resolved before retiring classic rendering mode, so please post in the forums if there are any issues. The development team monitors the forums closely, so your feedback matters!

Any updates on this thread? The error still occure in the Win 10 App.




This issue has been fixed for Windows App, Edge, and IE. You have to re-publish the app to get the fix.

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Hi @tahoon,


Sorry, no improvement for me.


I enabled improved app rendering. Saved, published.

Tested the app in the Windows 10 PowerApps app and scrolling a gallery by touch was still terrible.




Hi @Tim78, sorry to hear it did not work for you. Could you describe what exactly is the problem? For example, unable to scroll past a few items at a time.


Also, the Windows version and device type (e.g Surface Pro 4) would be helpful.

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Hi @tahoon

It's Windows 10 Pro 64-bit on a HP Envy 360. Windows updates and PowerApp app are up to date.


On both vertical and horozonal scrolling, it will move around 1-5mm on most large swipes. About 1 in 10 will scroll a couple of centimeters. Far from ideal when you have pages to go through.







If I undestand correctly, when you make long and quick flicks on the gallery, it only moves a few mm. I don't have a HP Envy computer, but when I tried on Lenovo ThinkPad and Surface Pro, the gallery moves a few cm or more. Momentum from scrolling isn't strong, though.


Does the gallery scroll smoothly if you make long and slow movements? Is this a vertical gallery or flexible height gallery?


Other things to consider if there are a lot of controls inside a gallery item or complicated formulas are used -- these might slow down scrolling. There is ongoing work to improve gallery performance in this regard.

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Hi @tahoon


Slow, quick, long and short swipes all have the same result. 


Please remember this works perfectly if 'Improved App Rendering' is disabled.




I will try to see if I can find a HP computer to test.


By the way, is the gallery on its own? That is, it is not inside another control like another gallery or a scrollable screen. If it is inside another control, try testing on a simple app with just a gallery. That will help narrow down whether the bug is device related.


It's also worth trying on different browsers: IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox. Is there any difference with scrolling?


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