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Community Champion

Gallery inside Data Form no longer selectable

I've used a Gallery inside a Data Card before. With one of the latest releases, the Gallery is no longer selectable once its placed inside the Data Card. 


Just a heads up. Not sure if you want that as a bug or not. 

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @ericonline,

I was able to replicate your issue with these steps

  • Insert a form. Unlock a card.
  • Insert a blank gallery, copy paste the gallery into the form.
  • The gallery is not easily selected nor can you insert items into the gallery


Test 2: preload the gallery to see if 

  • Insert a gallery loaded with at least one control, and copy paste the gallery into the form
  • If I select a control in the gallery, I am able to insert additonal controls--this is the existing experience.
  • It is not possible to select a control in the gallery from the canvas, but I am able to select it from the left-hand panel.


I am filing this as a bug. In the mean time, you can select controls in the left-hand panel and move them with the X and Y properties (do you already use relative positions?).


Mr. Dang

Microsoft Employee
Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Thank you for looking into this. My work around was equivalent to yours:

  • Create the Gallery outside the Data Card, test it, get it working, etc.
  • Move it into the Data Card when its complete

I'm hip to "relative positioning" if that refers to:

  • textBox1.X = Gallery1.X + 20
  • textBox2.X = textBox1.X + textBox1.Width + Xbuffer.Text
  • etc.

If there is another use of the term i'd like to know! 🙂

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @ericonline,


Could you please share a bit more about the issue within your app?


I have made a test and the issue is confirmed on my side. When I select the Gallery control within the Data Card of the Edit form directly, I could not select the Gallery control.


Currently, as an alternative solution, we could select the Gallery control within the left tree view panel. Please check the following GIF image:Test1.gif



I have posted this issue to my product team, if the issue is solved, I would reply here.


Best regards,


Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

Using a gallery inside a form card (or inside a card within the scrollable canvas) is not (nor has it ever) been supported. If you select a card, and try to insert a gallery on it (via the Insert menu), then it will not work (it will be placed outside of the form/canvas). This is a scenario that is not tested, and as such we cannot guarantee that it will continue working in the future.


The fact that you can bypass that limitation by copy/pasting a gallery inside a card is a bug in the product. It happens that this bug allows many people to do things that the product team never really intended to, but as I mentioned above, it may break in the future (although we'll try not to).


If you really believe this should be a supported feature, please consider creating a new entry in the PowerApps Ideas board, so that this will start being officially supported.

Hi @CarlosFigueira


Because its possible, I didn't know it wasn't supported. Extending a Data Cards height property and inserting a Gallery is the only way I've found to put different data views in the center of a form.


What are some alternatives? 


  • 1/2 Form --> Gallery --> 2nd (other 1/2 of) Form?
    • I wonder if you can SubmitForm with a Form duplicated on the screen

This is something that a few people have asked, and it's in the roadmap to be supported in the future, it's just that it's never been completely tested (because you cannot do it by inserting the controls directly).


Can you give more details about your scenario, and how you want to use the gallery inside the form? Is it a display or an edit form?

Hi @CarlosFigueira, I can give 2 examples of how I've used a Gallery inserted in the middle of a Form (Data Card):


My first app (I since changed the architecture):


  • Form of 30 fields that guides user through a process
  • At step ~20, users must select at least 2 of 13 possible items in a checklist.
    • The checklist was a Gallery
  • After they selected the items from the Gallery, they continued on to complete the last steps of the form
  • The Visibility of the remaining Data Cards was based on the checklist


Another (my current) example:

  • Form of ~18 fields divided into 3 "Sections"
  • Section 1: Enter location information 12 Data Cards
  • Section 2: Select values from cascading dropdowns, 3 Data Cards, that populate a Gallery below Section 2
    • Data Card has a dynamic height based on Gallery height so UX/UI looks good
  • Section 3: Remaining Data Cards of Person-type, Sharepoint columns that allow authorization of work shown in Gallery
    • Final Data Cards are Pen-input where Users sign their names

On a side note: Would be VERY awesome to insert "sections" into a Form. The method (hack!) I'm using now is:

  • Add 3 columns to my Sharepoint list:
    • placeholder1, 2 and 3
    • placeholderN.Width = 1366
    • placeholderN.Fill = niceColor
    • You get the idea 🙂

Hope these use cases help.

Hello @CarlosFigueira. Here is another use case: Gallery inside a Card on a Scrolling Screen. 


Since most sections of a scrolling screen are Cards, inserting a Gallery into one of these Cards faces the same issue (unable to select Gallery Controls while inside).


Hope this helps! 

Frequent Visitor

I agree. You often need a gallery part way through a Poweraps form to act as a repeating table or section for input or presentation of data. It would be useful to be able to officially create or copy the gallery into a data card to allow for this. It would be goo to see something that allows repeating tables and sections just like InfoPath did that isn't quite as limiting as galleries in PowerApps are for us developers.

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