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Gallery not refreshing correctly

On an iPad, the Gallery has stopped showing all records.  Initially all records are shown (e.g. 309 rows), but if I edit one of the records, then SubmitForm, the Gallery then only shows the top 100 records and will no longer scroll past that limit as it did prior to editing an entry.  Works fine on the PC (running from the Web Designer) but not the iPad.


I created a test application that should be close to the one described in this thread but I could not reproduce the issue. I can scroll through all the records after editing rows (~200 records). If this problem can still be reproduced, could you please provide the session id so we can investigate it?

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Yes I can still reproduce the issue, on an iPad, works OK in a browser on a PC though.


I am also having issues with Lookup fields that seem to be non-delegable, and as a temporary workaround for that I set the Data row limit for non-delegable queries (App Settings, Advanced Settings) to 2000.  So this morning I tried that for this App, changing the value from 500 to 650, and it now sees the whole list even after editing.  Seems to be that it's not using 500 as a default, but has been getting 100 from somewhere, and now that I have overridden the 500 it is using that.


Note that the query that drives the Gallery is delegable, and I get no warnings for it, so not sure why changing the row limit has any affect, but it has.



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Hi, if you were addressing this question to me, the issue still occurs when I remove the FirstN formula.  It is not consistent.  For example, just now when I removed FirstN, I still could scroll through all the rows the first 3 times I selected that department (to open the employee screen). When I changed department and returned to the one with over 100 rows, I could not scroll past 100 rows.  Sometimes, changing departments actually makes it work.  I would be happy to share the session id with you but you won't be able to access the data without credentials in our organization. I would also be happy to share my screen with you using zoom or something.

Thank you, @Anonymous. Having the session ID would definetely be helpfull.

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This is for a test version that is the same for that screen - fc5c11af-8866-4624-acfc-b6de78faa6fe.

Unfortunately, I cannot find any logs by that session id. Can you please ensure that session id is taken right after the application gets into the state where it cannot scroll beyond 100 records?

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Sorry my mistake.  I just ran the app again and got it in a 'stuck place'.  Here is the session ID: f069c02e-3e9e-46d7-b08b-8ccd197d7e94

Thank you for posting the session ID!

I was able to reproduce the issue and filed a bug internally.

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