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Advocate I
Advocate I

Gallery of images disappearing after refreshing datasource, deleting, or, adding images

I have a gallery which has a filter that displays certain images but when I delete, add, or refresh the datasource all images disappear except the first one/top one. I can see them again once I leave that screen and come back to it. I tried debugging it and it works fine when there is no filter just plain datasource, refresh, delete, and add.

Resolver IV
Resolver IV

I've had similar issues and I've simply put it down to a bug.  In my experience I've found that having the gallery set to not just the vanilla datasource name, but having filter, sorts etc prevents it but it sounds like thats not the case for you.  I'd be interested to know of the MS support guys on this forum have any input


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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @ccancino,

It sounds like you have a gallery that has a filter. Upon performing any action on the datasource, you see a graphical error. 


I would like to know a few details if you can share them:

  • what what type of gallery this is: horizontal, vertical, flexible-height
  • what controls are inside the gallery?
  • what is your formula for the TemplateSize of the gallery?
  • would you be able to share a screenshot before and after the action?
Microsoft Employee



1. This is a vertical gallery

2. For controls, label, icon, rectangle, and image

3. TemplateSize, I did'nt even touch but its this: Min(160, Gallery1.Height - 60)

4. Before and after images are after a refresh 


And yes it does have a filter. Also I am using powerbi integration but not as my datasource. For my datasource I am connected to a sql table. Thanks!


Community Champion
Community Champion

Clarification: what is the formula in the Items property of your gallery?


If it is directly tied to the SQL table:


then I would monitor your DTU usage in SQL. When you perform an action on the table, what % of your DTUs does it consume to reload the table? I'm wondering if it's timing out on you due to hitting a limit.


I am trying to replicate this and will get back to you.

Microsoft Employee

I also thought it was the formula but I tried different things still the same. The formula is


Filter('[dbo].[mixed_domain_upload]', mixed_domain_notes_id =

it use to be 

If(IsBlank(DataCardValue3_1),Filter('[dbo].[mixed_domain_upload]', user_id = CurrentUser && entity_id = First(PowerBIIntegration.Data).PWA_Key && mixed_domain_notes_id = 0),Filter('[dbo].[mixed_domain_upload]', mixed_domain_notes_id =


I am not familiar with DTU so not sure how I would check the %. I am using sql server management studio 2016.

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