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Helper II
Helper II

Gantt Chart or MS Project

Hello, is it possible to create a Gantt chart or even better to have the MS Project functionality?



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Skilled Sharer
Skilled Sharer

I have created a Gantt within a PowerApp utizlizing the table function.  Take a look; if this interests you, I can provide more info.Gantt.JPG

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Community Support
Community Support

Hi Omarsalgado,


It seems that currently we can only use Column chart, Pie chart, Line chart on PowerApps. There is no available control for Gantt chart.


If convenience, please submit an idea at PowerApps Ideas Forum, hope it could be considered as future releases:


Best regards,
Mabel Mao

Community Support Team _ Mabel Mao
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There is no Gantt Chart, but I can think of a work-around. 

Below is a screenshot of an App in which I repeat a colored Button inside the Gallery. For your purposes, you can think of the colored Button as the progress bar of a project in a Gantt Chart.



 I haven't done this myself, but if I were to, here's what I would do:

  1. Create Gallery1 as a vertical gallery.
  2. Set Gallery1.Items to a database of Projects with a column for ProjectName, StartDate, and End Date or however you want to name them.
  3. Create a static database of dates for the year, "Dates." This is easily done in Excel with fill-down. This is used to show dates for the Gantt Chart.
  4. Add horizontal gallery, Gallery2, inside Gallery1 so that Gallery2 is nested into Gallery1.
  5. Set Gallery2 to Dates. I recommend adding two date pickers to Filter Gallery2 to restrict the view to a given start and end date.
    	date>=DatePicker1.SelectedDate &&
  6. Add Button1 inside Gallery2. I use Button since it is rounded, has text, and has a hover color already programmed. 
  7. Set Button1 properties to fill the space in Gallery2:
    Button1.X: 0
    Button1.Y: 0
    Button1.Width: Parent.TemplateWidth
    Button1.Height: Parent.TemplateHeight
    (Optional): If you want the bars of your Gantt to be continuous without a gap, set this property:
    Gallery2.TemplatePadding: 0
  8. It should look something like this now:
    2017-03-08 (2).png


  9. Now that you have Button1 repeated for every date as a makeshift bar, you need to restrict it to be visible if and only if its corresponding date falls between StartDate and EndDate of Gallery1.

    This part is tricky because Button2 needs to reference the StartDate and EndDate of the record in Parent Gallery1. Unfortunately, PowerApps doesn't let you reference the Parent gallery data from within the Child gallery--it's complicated. So my work around is to carry over the variables by adding a column that returns true/false if the date falls between the StartDate and EndDate of the project:
    		date>=DatePicker1.SelectedDate &&
    	"vis",date>=ThisItem.StartDate && date<=ThisItem.EndDate
  10. Now you can set Button1.Visible to only show up if the "vis" column is true:
  11. Summary: You have Gallery1 which is going to show all the projects as normal. Gallery2 is nested inside Gallery1. It will be replicated for each project to show a range of general calendar dates. You can restrict the dates in Gallery2 to those between DatePicker1 and DatePicker2. Button1, which is inside Gallery2, is Visible when a given calendar date presides between the StartDate and EndDate of a project. In this way, it shows duration.


2017-03-08 (3).png

The final step is to have another database in which you record changes to status of a project, or what has been completed. Then you can do complicated things like changing the Fill of Button1 so that it is colored differently based on what has been done/not done.

Microsoft Employee
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Hi guys,


I'm strangling with a problem in PowerApp. I built an App that consums info from a sharepoint list and at the same time I built a Gantt view of that list in Power BI. When I connect both lsit and tile in Power Apps, the tile of the Gantt doesn't display. I believe this is connected to the fact the Gantt visualization is not predefined and I imported it from the store.


 Here is a screenshot of the tile in the dashboard inside Power BI. Everything runs perflectly. In addition I have a Waterfall visual in this dashboard, and when I connect this tile to the Power App , it runs . 


 Here we can see the PowerApp running with the visual that is native of Power BI


 Can anyone suggest a workaround on this problem, or is there an feature I need to enable so the gantt visualization run on PowerApps?


Thanks .


Thanks so much for this great workaround. I got the exact same thing but I dont know you get the line to show start and end of the week. Can you share your method please?

Skilled Sharer
Skilled Sharer

I have created a Gantt within a PowerApp utizlizing the table function.  Take a look; if this interests you, I can provide more info.Gantt.JPG

That looks so good. Can you share how you did this or provide the project would be super useful for what am trying to build. Thanks

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Yes! This is exactly what I'm looking for. Plase provide more info! How did you rotate the column chart!!??


Thank you,

Sorry - I have been on vacation and just saw this.  Was it the Gantt I shared that you are interested in?  If so, I will share.  Or was it the other that is in the same thread?

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Thanks! I was able to achieve something similar using a Gallery, playing with the size/position & color fields . Still not as nice as the Power BI capabilities.



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