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Gateway not found

Hi, i´m trying to connect to an on premise database. When creating de conection i´m not able to select my gateway. In "Gateways" option there is no gateways. I´ve installed one and singed in. I had a Power BI Gateway installed previously and seems to ver recognized by the Power Apps Gateway Installer.


In Power Bi everything is working fine but not in Power Apps.

In the log there´s only this entrance "Started the 'On-premises data gateway service'."


Thank you




Didn't work for me. Same Enterprise Gateway that functions properly for PBI is not even on the available list in Power Apps.

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Being new to powerapps I created a Gateway in a test environment where I was building apps.  My thought was to build in test environment then move to staging environmen for testing then finally to defaut environment.  I discovered that you are not suppose to create gateway in other than the default environment - too late.  Now I need to uninstall the gateway from my test environment before I can build it again in the Default environment, however I can't find anything telling me how to uninstall the gateway I installed and when I look at gateways in my test environment, the one I built does not show.  How do I unstall it so I can create it in the default environment and once I create it there can it be used when trying to test from my test environment?

Hi there, we are experiencing the same issue - on-premise gateway is working fine in PowerBI but there is no gateway listed in PowerApps.  I installed the latest version of the gateway over the top of the previous version, i.e. upgrade not reinstall.  Should that  work the same as uninstalling old version and re-installing new version?


@saunders- my experience was that installing over top of the existing gateway didn't work. I had to go through a full uninstall, reboot, reinstall to get the gateway showing up in the PowerApps portal.

Thanks very much, that's very helpful.  Much appreciated.

Why are gateways only supported in the default environment?

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I'm having the same issue.


I installed a gateway yesterday on my laptop, i was able to use it all day. Then I restarted the laptop today and i get an error in the gateway software that the gateway can't be found.


When I enter power apps and look at installed gateways, it says none is installed, but when I go to the datasource I created yesterday, it is still listed there as gateway.


Trying to reregister the gateway with the same name says that the gateway already exists, but it's not offering me any option to restore the gateway.


If this happens everytime i reboot the PC... please fix this bug!

Hi.. Having the same issue. Was your issue resovled? Thanks - Ganesh

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I'm having the same issue as well. Since our Enterprise Gateway is set up in a production environment, I decided to try a clean install on a different machine to test. Power BI recognized it instantly, but PowerApps still said no gateway was found. I've checked licensing and everything else I can think of from this end, but nothing has worked. 


Is it possible there is a limitation with this for government customers?

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Here's a reply I just received on a similar thread, in case it helps anyone else.


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