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Gateways not showing

My Gateway is working however under data - Gateways it is showing no gateways installed.

Can somebody else please confirm as i cant add any connections to my on prem data as no gateways are listed.


We have important PowerApps in production as well and this issue has caused our production to be down the entire time.

Now it has been more than a week and Microsoft has not fix this problem due to their update.

PowerApps community, please keep each other updated if you have found any solution on this case as it has been a very frustrated issue for us all.

Thank you all!
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Any updates regarding this issue.


My gateway was working couples of weeks ago but now after updating the version to (November Release) its not showing in the data gateways page and when I try to add it as a connection I face the below error.

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Impactful Individual

I received this yesterday:


Thank you for your prompt response . My name is Aishwarya one of the Senior engineer from Power Apps and flow Support team . Apologies for the inconvenience caused . 

We understand the challenges with the product update ,as mentioned earlier we had created an internal ticket and the only possible solution is creating a new environment and creating the gateway in the same geographic location . 


However, the existing connections will work without any interruptions .But if you want to view or manage those connections ,that’s when you need to install a new gateway in the same region where the environment is created. (Documentation)


We appreciate your patience and cooperation !



Quite frankly its not good enough.

Once again we seem to be in the position that MS will not accept responsibility for breaking something.

We only have 1 environment, which was generated by MS when we first signed up and i am not prepared to carry out the extensive work of moving everything when MS have broken it.

Sadly, things like this keep happening and i see no other alternative but to start migrating my office to a new platform as this is not good enough for business grade software.



I decided to stop waiting for Microsoft to fix the issue and created a new environment to solve this issue. As many troubled users on here, our gateway with PowerApps was running just fine in the past. However, a couple weeks ago, an update from Microsoft all the sudden caused the connection issue. 


I uninstall and re-installed the Gateway but it did not solve the problem as many suggested (updating to the latest gateway). The problem with our data gateway not connecting was that our PowerBI and the on-premise Data Gateway have region setting in Canada. However, the default setting in PowerApps has a region of United States, which we have no power to change that region setting.


Luckily, we only have one critical PowerApps in production so I created a new PowerApps environment with region setting in Canada so the data gateway is able to connect. I then export the existing PowerApps from the old environment to the new environment and  notified the users with new updates. 


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There are definitely major issues here.

Firstly, if you have a look at the gif below, it is insisting that my default tenant region is Southeast Asia.
When trying to create new gatewayWhen trying to create new gateway


But once I have created a test gateway in the region I assumed that our default PowerApps environment was located, I came across the issue where PowerBI isn't able to see this gateway.

after creating new gatewayafter creating new gateway

This is such a stupid update done by Microsoft without thinking about the consequences of all of their related/affected services.

And Microsoft support people are treating this as if this isn't an issue at all.


At this moment, the only solution for people who have been using Power BI ever since release is to create a new Environment on PowerApps and manually migrate everything over and re-link broken links to PowerApps in other services etc which is way too much downtime.


I have yet to test creating a new environment is a viable option for us as I do not have permission to create production environments in our tenant for PowerApps.


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The same issue for me.

Suddenly, my app has permission connect with Sql Server.

When I checked created connection, I don't see gateway at that.

I already do:

- Uninstall old gateway

- Download latest gateway and re-install

- Create new connection to Sql Server but still not showing gateways in selectbox


I looking forward to your helping

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I was finally able to see the gateway by going to Power Platform Administration > Data Gateways > select the gateway > clicking Manage Users > add myself as an admin. 


Before this last On-Premises Data Gateway update I never had to do this and didn't even know this admin area existed. 


You can get to Power Platform Administration here:


Edit: Documentation about that admin site here:

We had the same issue. Originally we had one Gateway to our SQL Server database.

This Gateway was used for both our Power-Bi reports and PowerApps applications.

The Gateway was defaulted to UK South region.

Yesterday our PowerApps applications could not connect to SQL Server. Power-Bi still worked fine.

Within our PowerApps we could not see our Gateway our connectors.


We then discovered the default Region for our PowerApps was moved from UK South to Europe (North Europe or West Europe both work) The default Region for our Power BI is still at UK South.

To fix it we created 2 separate Gateways on 2 separate servers. One Gateway set to the UK South region for Power BI and the other Gateway set to North Europe Region for our PowerApps applications.

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I ran into the same issue, I have a number of Powerapps and Flows in production. All of a sudden over the holidays all my connections broke. 


I created a new gateway in the region matching my default environment in Powerapps and was able to access this gateway in powerapps.


Luckily I did not have many connections.


Is there any answer to this yet? I've just installed with everything following the steps in this thread - all use same email address, all same Windows account, gateway shows fine in Power BI web interface, but not showing in Power Automate when I try to set up a File System connector (I am using free version).

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