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Get all selected items from combobox

Hi guys,


im gettin crazy. i ve set up a combobox which uncludes the following items:




i want to display the selected combobox items in a textlabel field (Text = combobox.Selected.Value).... but i only get the last selected combobox entry..... how do i get all of them ... ?

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I have a combo box which has a list of items.

I would like to populate another combo box based on the selections made in the first combo box.


I think i need to create a collection from the 1st combo box and use this collection to create the items in the 2nd drop down box.


I am struggling to collect the selections from the 1st combo.


any ideas?

Hello @Anonymous,

I don't think you need to create any collections. Please try the following:

1. Create a blank app and add 2 ComboBox controls.

2. Set ComboBox2.Items property to the ComboBox1.SelectedItems.

3. Select some items in ComboBox1. 

4. Open the ComboBox2. You should see the selected items.

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Thanks @dinusc


Works a treat! Very much appreciated.

Helper IV
Helper IV

listbox default select



ComboBox with multi select



Items: Distinct(Filter(product,Title in Listbox.SelectedItems),Description)

Default:LookUp(Product,Title in listbox.SelectedItems.Result,Description)

textInput: Concat(ADDescription.SelectedItems,Result&",")


while using this scenario, Its working when there is only one item in the combobox and if we select it the description is selected default and added to the textbox

But, when we select multiple items in the combobox, on description it shows both descriptions are selected but its only populating one description on top of the list.

Can you help me with were i'm messing with the formula.

Thanks in advance.


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Thanks for your solution. My combo box values when printed to Sharepoint end with a comma. IS there a way to stop this from happening? See below a screenshot of my SharePoint list. Thanks!


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Thanks, it works for me.

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Here is some example code to get the ID's of the selected items from a combobox into a label.

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