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Get value from Lookup table?

Using SQL Server hosted on the cloud. I simply want to select an Id behind the scenes in a dropdown from a lookup table. For the user I want the name to be shown. If I set Items to '[dbo].[DepartmentLookup]' and Value to DepartmentId, I only get a list of numbers. If I select names, it is shown correctly for the user, but the values cannot be saved because they are not integers.


I'm looking for the follwoing, but for Powerapps + SQL Server:


And no, I'm not moving to Sharepoint lists in a million years.

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Re: Get value from Lookup table?


There are 2 ways of achieving this, that I know of.

The first one is to set the items on the drop down to be your table, and then in advance settings to chose what you want your display value to be. Here is an example of what I have:



The second one which is more complicated, and not ideal as you query the database twice:

The way I am doing this is:

- on the drop down I set the items to be the display value you want, in your case the names.

- then I am using Patch to submit data I'm doing another lookup to get the id of the selected item. For example:

Patch([dbo].[Table], Defaults([dbo].[Table]), { 
	Id:LookUpp([dbo].[DepartmentLookup],dropdownn.Selected.Value = Name).Id,


Hope this helps 🙂 

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Re: Get value from Lookup table?

Just to clarify, you just want to retrieve the selected value from a drop down control?

If this is the case, you can simply refer to the selected property of your drop down control.


Here's an example screenshot. In your case, you would set Items to '[dbo].[DepartmentLookup]', and value to field that you want to display in the drop down. 




To retrieve the selected value, you would use the syntax Dropdown1.Selected.DepartmentId.


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Re: Get value from Lookup table?


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Re: Get value from Lookup table?

Problem is that I'm in EditForm. How does the datacard know what value to read? And still, it will complian that the string is not a correct value. 

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Re: Get value from Lookup table?

To configure the drop down to show the correct value when it loads, set the Default property of your drop down the following formula:

LookUp('[dbo].[DepartmentLookup]', DepartmentID = Parent.Default).Name


To configure the card so that it saves the DepartmentID value to your data source during an update,  select the parent card control, and set the Update property to the following formula:


 These instructions assume that your card is unlocked, and is bound to the DepartmentID field.



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