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Getting planner task details

Dear all,


another newbie question - I am afraid


I linked planner to my powerapps. i then created a gallery. with Planner.ListMytasks().value I can see all tasks assigned to me. so far . . . great.

Now I want to show navigate to a next page from the gallery to see the details of a selected task (From the gallery).  How can I do that? 


Thanks a lot for the help



Accepted Solutions

I found this one somewhere recently and it works great.  When you create a task you can just wrap a Collect around it and store the data (such as the TaskID) in a collection that can be easily called with CollectionTask.ID whereever you need it. 


I used this to create new tasks and immediately update their details (description specifically) without having to manually take two steps to do it.

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Hey there


Have a look at this:

Thanks to patrick_S_hexa  !


Quote from him:

On planner First dropdown list all plan you can access Planner.ListMyPlans() => (this would be your gallery)

When you select a plan in this list second drop down display all buckets from this plan Planner.ListBuckets( => this would be your second screen with another gallery

Third drop down list tasks from the selected plan Planner.ListTasks(



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Thanks a lot, I appreciate the fast answer, and yes, I saw your posting regarding this. However, I do not want to use drop down menues. the background is a CRM APP, where people can write a visit report. so once a report is written, I would like to create tasks out of that. Once a task is created, I would like to get the ID of that task, save it and later use the ID to access the task directly and mark it as finished or even delete it. hope it makes sense apologies if I was not clear in the original posting.
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Have you taken a look at his PowerApp example that he is sharing in provided link?

You can change the DropDown to a Gallery Smiley Very Happy



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Yes, I did. However, I do not want to select a task first, but to get the task ID straight after creating a task. I now just use a filter function to filter again all tasks against the newly title of created ones to get the task ID. Seems like a waste of computing power. So I wondered if there is no easier way to automatically obtain the task id, after I created a new task.
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As far as I am conerned there is no pre built way to retrieve the Task Id after insertion.


You could use the  MS Flow connector for planner and write this Id in a Source (SharePoint list or Sql, ...).

You can than have a tracking of everything if constructed properly.


Planner docs can be found here


Let me know if everything is clear.

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Thanks my friend, you are right, there is no direct way to get the task ID after creating it. I am now simply list my tasks and filter it with the title of the newly created task to get the ID. Not really elegant. Any idea how to do it with flow?
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Impactful Individual

You can use the Flow "when a task is created"  and retrieve the Id of the Task (or any available property or action)

See below screenshot/attachment, try it out and if you are stuck somewhere let us knowCat LOL

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Thanks Dimi,


I am this week away with no access to my PC. Will try it this weekend and let you know. So basically I can use a command like

MYnewtaskID = MYFLOW (MyPLANID, MyTASKNAME), where I supply the plan I’d and the taskname?

task you

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Impactful Individual

Hello there, es something alon those lines, have a look at these 2 articles that elaborate more on returning data from a Flow to a PowerApp.





Good luck! If you have questions, post them here 😉

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