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Getting "An entry is required or has an invalid value. Please correct and try again." error when submitting a customized form.

I've seen various posts about this error, but they are all from 2018 or older.  I've tried making my Title column in my list to not being required (apparently it fixed the error for some folks), but it didn't fix my error.  Not sure why it's saying its missing something when all fields are populated.  Has anyone else gotten this recently?

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Post Patron

I have also tried turning Delayed Load off and republishing, but it did not fix the issue.  Below is the code from my SharePointIntegration OnSave property:



ClearCollect(col_ItemDetailEdit, ShowColumns(Filter('Surplus Sales Item List', SharePointIntegration.SelectedListItemID in 'Request ID'), "ItemName", "ItemDescription", "ItemQuantity","ID", "Title"));

If(SharepointFormMode="CreateForm", ForAll(col_ItemDetailNew,
Patch('Sales Item List', Defaults('Sales Item List'), {'Item Name': NewItemVal.Text, 'Item Description': NewDescripVal.Text, 'Item Quantity': Value(NewQuantityVal.Text), 'Request ID': SalesRequestFormNew.LastSubmit.ID, Title: SalesRequestFormNew.LastSubmit.Title})));

If(SharepointFormMode="EditForm", ForAll(RenameColumns(Filter('Sales Item List', SharePointIntegration.SelectedListItemID in 'Request ID'), "ID", "fID"),
Patch('Sales Item List',
LookUp('Sales Item List', ID = fID), {Title: SalesRequestFormEdit.LastSubmit.Title})))


If you've made a change to the underlying datasource (i.e. change the Title to not-required) then you will need to update the datasource in your PowerApps.  Sometimes this is as easy as doing a refresh on the DataSource in your datasource list.  Sometimes it involved deleting the DataSource and then adding it right back in.

Have you tried any of those steps?

If not, give it a try and see if it is helpful.

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Unfortunately it didn't help.  Not only that, the patch statement you helped me with is now not updating the records it's supposed to.  *sigh*


OK, somehow got the patch to work again, but still getting the error.  I really wish the error was a bit more descriptive.  This would be a lot easier if the error just told me which entry is missing/incorrect.  


I'll start with ...hmmm...

My guess is that you have some required (or at some point previously required) column in your EditForm that is either highly changed (modified datacard) or is not displayed.


Let's see - can you first take a look at your list settings for your "Sales Item List" in SharePoint and make sure that you have no "Required" columns checked?


Then, I'm assuming that the SalesRequestFormNew and Edit are both using the "Sales Item List" as their datasource.

So, look at the two forms and, since you said you changed the Title column to be not required, check the definition in the two forms for the Title column.  See if the Required property is true on the DataCard.  If you are not displaying that column in your Form, then add it to the form and see what it is set to.


Next check...put a Label on your screen somewhere (outside of the form) and put the following formula on the Text property:  DataSourceInfo('Sales Item List', DataSourceInfo.Required, "Title")

The Label should display "false"


If we're up to this point and nothing is shinning a light on the problem, then consider deleting the entire form - Select the form and hit delete.  Then...hit Ctrl-Z to undo.  This will put the form back on the screen and, in many cases, will cause it to re-evaluate its columns.


After that, it's a delete of the form and re-customize - hopefully we nail it down before that.

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Community Support
Community Support

Hi @lumberjacklurch ,

Could you please share a bit more about your scenario?

Do you make the Title column in the custom form of your SP list to not being required?


I assume that the SalesRequestFormNew Edit form connects to the "Surplus Sales Item List", is it true?


Based on the issue that you mentioned, I think this issue may be related to the Title field in your custom form. In default, the Title field in a SP list is marked as Required. Even though, you make the Title field as no-required in your custom form, the Require Validation mechanism would not be changed within your SP List.


As an fixed solution, please consider set the Title field in your SP List to "Not Required" within the List Settings as below:3.JPG

Set the "Require that this column contains information" property for Title field to No. Then remove the custom form from your SP List, and re-create a new one, then try your formula agian, check if the issue is solved.


In addition, you could also also consider submit your form data (SalesRequestFormNew and SalesRequestFormEdit) into your "Surplus Sales Item List" using Patch function rather than use SubmitForm() function. Please consider modify your formula as below:


SharepointFormMode = "CreateForm", Patch( /* <-- Modify your formula here START */
'Surplus Sales Item List',
Defaults('Surplus Sales Item List'),
Title: TitleDataCardInNewForm.Text,
Column2: DataCardValue2InNewForm.Text,
), Patch(
'Surplus Sales Item List',
LookUp('Surplus Sales Item List', ID = SharePointIntegration.Selected.ID),
Title: TitleDataCardInEditForm.Text,
Column2: DataCardValue2InEditForm.Text,
) /* <-- Modify your formula here END */


Please consider take a try with above solution, then check if the issue is solved.


Best regards,


Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
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Ironically enough...I was looking into an issue and had an app where all of a sudden I was getting that same error.  I thought, oh no, I've gotten a @lumberjacklurch curse!  But, on investigation, I found that I was actually submitting the wrong form in my SubmitForm function.  A form that did not have any entries in it.  

I don't think it applies, but thought I would mention it because of the similarity.

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Not applicable

Hi @lumberjacklurch how are you progressing with this?




I am no longer getting the error, but cannot account what was done to fix it.  If memory serves (which it doesn't always),  the fix was removing the required fields from the lists and refreshing the datasources for the form.  I think I had to do with adding/removing datacards as well.  

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