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Go to Top part of screen



when I navigate to a screen (say SCR1) for the first time, PowerApps shows the screen at its top position. If I scrolll down, go to another screen, and then come back to SCR1, it shows the screen at the last position used (so down part in that case).


Whereas I would like it to always display the screen at the top.


Is there any way to achieve this ?



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Hi - if the screen that we would like to have displayed at the top of the page has no Data Cards (only galleries and other Text/Label elements), where can we use the Visible property of "resetCan=False" in the screen? 


Thank you!

Dude! Really, Really Thanks!!!!! Heart Cat Mad
That simple issue still is too hard to solve in PowerApp. I begin developer there is five days, so I'm really suffering for now!
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Using a timer works for data cards with galleries. The screen flashes as you open it.

Timer has 1 sec duration.

On timer start: UpdateContext({resetCan:false})

On timer end: UpdateContext({resetCan:true})


Data card Visible property has If(resetCan, true, false)

this is working in android mobile but not working in Iphones

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it is not working in iphones

This (using a variable with OnVisible to control the visible property of the cards) worked for me but then was glitching on Mobile!  It would pile the cards on top of each other.  To solve this issue, I had to add 2 timers that displayed the form/cards in sections.  This is RIDICULOUS!!  Too much of a workaround for a simple need.  We just need a Reset (Canvas) function or the ability to manually set the scroll value.  PLEASE

Helper III
Helper III

My workaround:

Inserted a button (btnDummy) on the top of the scrollable DataCard.

Home button or Back button or whatever you use to return to any previous screen:




OnSelect = SetFocus(btnDummy)




The button can have Visible property set to True and set its size to the dot or you can use some logic to make it visible. OnSelect=false

It works for me.




Hi your solution works for me but my problem is scroll bar went top of the gallery but gallery item value did not show. it shows after I scroll the scrollbar why what is the problem please help me.


While searching for this same question, i don't see the answer in this post.  I found a solution that worked for my needs.  Use the action SetFocus in the screen OnVisible property.  For example, in Screen1, enter the following in the OnVisible property:  SetFocus(textBox1).   Just choose a control that is at the top of the screen.


I learned this from one of Shane Young's videos:  Power Apps SetFocus and Scroll to top of a Form - YouTube 



Nice workaround! Worked exactly as i wanted 

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