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HELP! Parts of app are unclickable/editable

I have an app that I was working on yesterday, and everything was working on it.  I come in this morning, open it up, and certain parts are not working.  On the same screen, I have a gallery that I can't change selections or click on the buttons inside, the 5 buttons outside of the gallery work fine, and 3 of those buttons show pop up forms.  In the first button's form, I can only edit 2 of the 4 fields.  In the second button's form, everything works.  In the third button's form, nothing works.  WTH!!! I double-checked the displaymode of all the components and they are all edit.  I even restored the previous version of the app, but it made no difference.  Please help!



No, they are not.  As I mentioned in a previous post, the problem goes away if I recreate the screen, but I'd like to know why this is happening at all.  So far, my tech for my support ticket has been pretty much silent.

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OK, so I think I found a fix for one of the possible scenarios that makes this issue happen.  I have three groups within a screen in the app.  I apparently didn't set the Visible property correctly on one or more if the groups.  All of the elements within the groups had their Visible property set correctly.  To give a quick example, you have three groups, each group and its elements become visible based on a variable value.  Say, the variable is called "var_Group".  Your first group is set to be visible if the variable is set to "1", the second if the variable is "2", and the third group if the variable is "3".  The issue (as I understand it) is when you set the visible property on all of a group's elements, but not the group's own visible property, the group doesn't truly disappear.  So, say you set all the elements in the first group to "var_Group=1", but leave the first group's Visible property to "true".  If you then change the variable's value (ie var_Group=2), the elements of the first group disappear because their visible condition is no longer met, BUT the first group's Visible is still set to true and creates an invisible glass pane over the screen.  Essentially blocking anything clickable behind it.  


I'm not sure if I've explained this very well.  So if you're unclear on something, let me know.  Hope it helps.

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