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HOw to trigger Process from PowerApp

Hello Everybody.
I'm super - super new to PowerApps ad I need help to figure out if I can use a PowerApp to accomplish a task.
I have a powershell script that takes in input two pameters and performs some user management both on-premise and online.

I'd want a simple powerapp with a two-field form to trigger this script from my mobile phone.


The script can run onpremise and connect online... or can be an Azure Automation Account Runbook that also works onpremise through an Hybrid Worker Group... or I could use an Azure LogicApp that also works onpremise through an On-premise Data Gateway... no problem, but when it comes to PowerApps, I miss how to tie the PowerApp to all the backend and trigger the script.


During my early research I've seen there is a"connector" out there called Azure Automate, that should someway allow to easily connect to an Azure Automation account.
I found It's premium and comes at a cost and I absolutely don't want to rely it.


Is there a way to accomplish this task?
Could you please suggest me which is the best approach, if one?

Thank you for your help


Super User
Super User

Hey @SubnetJO 

Welcome to this forum!


Unfortunately all Azure connectors from Power Apps and Power Automate are premium, so you need a per-user or per-app license to use them. If you work with an Azure Automation Runbook and use parameters, you can make an input field too, so you just bring your PowerShell script to a Runbook (or Azure Functions), which should also work. The only problem is, that you cannot input/start a Runbook or Function by mobile phone (right now and as far as I know).


Are you the only person to use this script or will there be some more users to execute this script?


I hope this will help you!


Best regards

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Yes I agree with Marvin advice on to purchase per-user or per-app license to use to connect to  Azure connectors to perform this task.

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