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Helper I

HTML Table formating assistance

I am having incredible difficulty making this HTML table look correct.


I am generating a table out of this checklist and then it is supposed to convert to a PDF, but there is a lot going on that is wrong.  I do not see the borders to the table, nor do I see my contents as I add them. Also I do not see my image in header...


Here  is my HTML code




"<!DOCTYPE html>
<header><center><img src=, width=160 height=100</center></header>
<p style='text-align:right'><font size=0.8 face=arial color=black>" & Today() & "</p>
<address><font size=0.8 face=arial color=black>
" & 'HOH Name'.Text & "<br> 
" & 'HOH Address'.Text & "<br>
" & 'HOH City, State ZIP'.Text & "<br>
<p><b><u><center><font size=0.8 face=arial color=black>Document Request Letter</center></u></b></p>

<p><font size=0.8 face=arial color=black>Dear Participant:</p>

<p><font size=0.8 face=arial color=black>Metro Housing|Boston is required to verify the incomes, expenses, and other information of applicants/participants for eligibility and continued occupancy in the rental assistance program.  In accordance with this obligation, you are required to supply the information requested below.</p> 

<p><font size=0.8 face=arial color=black>You must send or bring the requested documents/information to <u>1411 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02120</u>. The office is open daily from 8:45 AM to 5 PM. Please be aware that failure to submit the necessary documentation may result in the termination of your participation in the rental assistance program. If we do not receive the documents <b><u><font size=0.8 face=arial color=black>" & 'Due Date'.SelectedDate & "</b></u><font size=0.8 face=arial color=black>, we may begin the process of terminating you from the program.  We cannot accept pictures of these items. Please scan, fax, mail, email, or bring them into our office.</p>

<table border='1'; 
border-collapse: collapse;
width='100%'>" &
"<thead><tr><font size=0.8 face=arial Color=Black><th>Documents And Verifications</th><th>Member</th><th>Notes</th></thead>" &
"<tbody><font size=0.8 face=arial Color=Black>" &
Concat(ChecklistCol, "<tr><td>" & Label2 & "</td><td>" & Members & "</td><td>" & Notes & "</td></tr>") &

<p><b><u><center><Font size=0.8 face=Arial color=black><Font size=0.8 face=Arial color=black>All requested documents must be submited and/or completed by " & 'Due Date'.SelectedDate & ".</center></u></b></p>

<p><font size=0.8 face=arial Color=Black>Your attention to this important matter is expected. If you have Any questions, please contact (617) 425-6611 Or</p>

<p><Font size=0.8 face=Arial color=black>Sincerely,</p>

<p><font size=0.8 face=arial Color=Black>Metro Housing|Boston Leased Housing Department</p>

<footer><center><Font size=0.6667 face=Arial color=black>1411 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02120-3401</center></footer>
<footer><center><Font size=0.6667 face=Arial color=black>Phone 617-859-0400 | Toll-Free 800-272-0990 | |</center></footer>





This is my populate button flow (in case you wonder how I populate my table)




Collect(ChecklistCol, {Label2: Label2.Text, Members: Members.Text, Notes: Notes.Text}); Reset(DocBox); Reset(Members); Reset(Notes)




This is my Download to pdf button code:



DOCCHECKLIST.Run(Checklistbody.HtmlText, 'HOH Name'.Text)




After EditingAfter EditingBlankBlank

Attached is also how it looks when it is produced by PDF... I have no clue what I am doing Drop your media files herewrong.  Can someone please help me!




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