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Help populating text box based on value of drop down

How can I populate the value of a text box based on the value of a dropdown? The drop down has values from table1 and the text box will retreive its value from table2


So, PowerApps doesn't understand that your Record has Columns. I think you need to change the LookUp formula because it is not retrieving the correct Record

Can you give me any advice on what to do there?



I'm getting an error in the look up function...


UpdateContext({Info : LookUp('Driver Info',nameDropDown.Selected exactin Name)})


It says that name is an invalid argument type. Cannont use text values in this context.


nameDropDown.Selected brings an entire Record to you, not just a Text. You need to compare Text with Text. So you need to inspect this Record and identify the Column that you need. It will probably be:






I'm still getting invalid name when setting the default value of address and clock.



Do I need to add a filter to the lookup function so that it will retreive the correct record?


I am not sure what are you retrieving from the Selected value from Dropdown. What would I do in this case? I would debug it. Just add on the OnChange property of the Dropdown:


UpdateContext({Debug : Dropdown.Selected})

After that, go to the variables of the application (my application is in Portuguese, but the order should be the same). Look for you screen there and then look for the Debug record. Open it and check the columns. Check which one has the value that you want. This value should be compared in the LookUp formula.





It returns the correct value of the drop down but still nothing from the look up function







'Driver Info' has the Name column?




Is it a Text field or LookUp field?

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