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Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Help understanding powerapps license changes October 2019

Can anybody shed any light on the new PowerApps licensing plans? I'm having trouble wrapping my head around what is going on.

I specifically went out last year and purchased a number of Office 365 premium licenses as well as the F1 plan for employees in the field, so that we could use powerapps.


I am using a combination of an Azure SQL database(pay as you go license) and SharePoint (under the 365 licensing) to function as the back end for my apps.

Am I now no longer going to be able to develop and distribute Apps to my employees under these licenses? Am I now being asked by microsoft to go out and buy more licenses specific to PowerApps?


Hope this is the right place to ask the 365 messages aren't very clear.

Advocate II
Advocate II

Im looking into learing Django now and just going all out on web development, This change has screwed me over and made me look like a fool in the company as we cannot justify the extra costs for all of our users to have the powerapps plan 2 to access our multiple azure sql bsaed apps. I pushed for moving to office 365 and performed the migration, now wishing I had listened to everyone warning me at the time.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @chchrlam 

We still have work in the pipeline for PowerApps but I expect that will dry up early next year (due to the new licensing) at which point I plan to start investigating blazor and xamarin as more cost effective alternatives. I'd very much like to do some videos on the theme of getting started and using these technologies to develop PowerApps-like solutions, so keep an eye out for that 🙂 

so just to get this straight: I would like to use the Word connector to collate items from a sharepoint list on a weekly basis. there are 40 people that might want to download the file. So I would need to buy the plan for $500/month (e.g. $6000/yr) to create a word document with flow. even though we already bought E5 licenses for all the people. 

My CFO will probably boot me out when I ask him for that. This pricing kills ctizendevelopers. 

Frequent Visitor

Hello everyone,


Quick question to better understand the licences. 

We have already few production apps built in PowerApps, which use custom/premium connectors. 

In the company we have O365-PowerApps-Licences for the end-users. 

Right now, nothing has changed, since MS changed the licencing.

The question is - if we want to create new app with custom/premium connector - who need the new licence? Only developeres? Or end-users too? 

What happens with my old apps, if i make a change and new release? Can it still be used by people with O365-Licence?

Frequent Visitor

We hit the same problem, We set sail to use PowerPlatform in August as it looked promising, and cost effective.... Now We have to pay for SQL Azure to store our Data, and Pay PowerApps to use our own data!  This, together with few issues with the platform, made it a bad choice, and wish we have not taken that path with Microsoft (Wasted months of development).  Purchasing a third party BPM engine is cheaper than this per user per app licensing. 


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I read all message cause i think i was misunderstand the new licence but no it s the incredible reality.



two,  change to OutSystem!

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