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Help with Patch formula on form with 3 data sources

Hello PowerApps power users...

I've been working on a PowerApps form SharePoint integration for awhile but can't seem to find the correct formula so that the SharePoint form fields submit back to the form as well as fields pulling data from other sources: the SharePoint form data, a second SharePoint list and a SQL database.


My formula looks like this: (with the specific fields within the patch referring to the second/third data sources)



    NEWEscalationRequest, Defaults(NewEscalationRequest),

    {E365Account:E365Account_DataCard2,Product:Product_DataCard2, E365UltimateID:E365UltimateID_DataCard2.DataField,EnterpriseSuccessManager:EnterpriseSuccessManager_DataCard2.DataField,SupportAccountManager:SupportAccountManager_DataCard2.DataField,ProductID:ProductID_DataCard2,ProductManager:ProductManager_DataCard2.DataField,ProductBrand:ProductBrand_DataCard2.DataField


;Navigate(Complete, None)


I was surprised that the Product data card would not accept anything after the dot(.) and did not throw an error when left without a control name.

Here is an example of two fields pulling from a separate data source

  • Products field: Sort(Distinct('[PROD].[Products]',Name),Result)
  • Product ID field: Filter('[PROD].[Products]', Name = DataCardValue12.Selected.Result)

Currently, the form submits to list with only the SharePoint list fields populating.

Any guidance very much appreciated!

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Super User


Yes, because we need to have your form actually get those values from the place you want.
Each DataCard in your Form will have a DataCardValue control.  It is that control that we are concerned with setting the Default values.

So, in the case of your say that is based on a SQL Database.  I assume that it is that input that then determines the values for ProductID, ProductManager, and ProductBrand.  So, assuming that is a Text column and you have a Textinput control for the DataCardValuexxx  in that datacard, its Default Should be set to Parent.Default.  


For your ProductID, the Default on that DataCardValue control would be:

   Coalesce(Parent.Default, LookUp(yourSQLList, Product=DataCardValuexxx , ProductID))


This will display the stored ProductID from the SharePoint list when you are editing a record, otherwise it will show the ProductID from the SQL database when you are creating a new record.  


Replace the names above with names of actual controls and fields in your app.


Your original Patch was not pushing values to your list, most all of your columns were using the DataField property, which is just the name of the field for the datacard...not a value.



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