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Help with Survey for a Needs Assessment APP

Hello everyone, I am new to power apps, and I am honestly wondering if I bit more than I can chew. 


I wanted to create an app for taking a staffing needs assessment survey to determine just how many of a particular position we need to hire for the upcoming school year.  Need it to do the following:


1. Have a selection of schools ( IE: Adams Academy, Bobby's Academy, Cayton Academy.)

2. Based on which school is selected, it opens a new slide that has the survey questions determining if a school needs particular roles filled.  (IE. Adams Academy is selected, and one of the questions are "Do you require art teachers for the 2017-2018 School Year?")

3. If yes, it automatically opens another slide to determine the number of positions (IE Text Type "Five Art Teachers"). If no, then no need to move forward. 


What would be the best method of populating this data and make it an app?( either in Excel or common data service?) Or am I a little too ambitious here?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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Community Champion



You are not ambitious but those are really possible.

So, you need to learn from the Learn.Documenation and start with you apps using/with:

- Sign-in with your username/password

- Connect to Excel in DropBox (the fastest so far) or CDS (buy Plan 20



- Create Table in Excel or Entities in CDS

- As you wish to have Selections of Schools, Questions pertaining to Survey, Positions,... I would suggest that you

- Creae a 3 Tables (Excel) / 3 Entities (CDS)



    Questions and,



Now, start to Create apps from Scratch or From CDS or Excel, to generate apps.

- Screen 1: Selection of School [please learn to use DropDown, with Distinct, etc.]

- Screen 2: Questions for survey and Navigate to another Screen 3, which has position to check

- for Screen 2: you can also use DropDown, and

- for Screen 3: you can use CheckBox


All the final actions can then be Collected (Temporarily) and then Permanently Saved into Excel or CDS in real time.


Use Gallery to view all your data, if you wish.


Hope this helps.


have a nice day.


Okay, so this is what I have so far, but I am not sure what I am doing that isn't allowing it to flow correctly. Maybe it is how I organized my excel sheet or I'm missing a command somewhere.


So I have the screen with the drop down school selection.



It goes to the next screen which provides all the questions.




Once selected, it brings up the following screen for a more detailed review to answer. 




If the need is "Yes" then it navigates to the following screen where one can select the job req numbers.




My problem is that i have it navigating back to the questions, and it is not pulling up a fresh new "yes" or "no" page and still contains the information selected before.


It likely it is a very easy fix, but again, this is all new to me.  How can I make it so that it prompts a new screen every time so that it can record the answers and I can collect them?

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