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Help with sending a collection to sharepoint

Hey -


I've built a simple app to sign up to a mailing list. The front end works well; the controls are collected into a collection as hoped! At the back end, i'm trying to make a button to submit those collections to a sharepoint list and clear the collection.


This is the formula i'm using, which is a version of one from another post on this forum:


ForAll(Signups, Patch('Rainbow Network Sign Up', Defaults('Rainbow Network Sign Up'),{ FirstNameT: firstname, SurnameT: surname, EmailT: email, OptInT: emailoptin} )


Rainbow Network Sign Up is a sharepoint list that's connected in the data menu on the left. The fields ending in T are the sharepoint columns (T is for target), the others the columns of the collection. I'm getting "the specified column "EmailT" does not exist... but it does. I'm literally looking at it. Also, you'll note it's the third on the formula - does that mean it *has* found FirstNameT etc., and has therefore successfully linked to the list? Any idea why it can't find this column?


Many many thanks




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Have you just left a closing ")" off the end of your formula to close out the ForAll() function?

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Is it possible that your renamed EmailT as some point? If so, PowerApps will need the original column name ... in most cases.


Two ways to check this are:

1. In your SP list, goto List-->Settings, click on the EmailT column then check the URL, the column name will be the last bit of the URL,

2. Use the Intellisense in PowerApps to find your column name. This doesn't always work inside curly braces so you could add a label and set its' Text property to First('Rainbow Network Sign Up'). <-- (make sure you add the fullstop at the end) then see what options you are given.

Thank you so so much - that's got rid of those errors!


I'm now getting a new one though...


ForAll(Signups, Patch('Rainbow Network Sign Up', Defaults('Rainbow Network Sign Up'),{ FirstName: firstname, Surname: surname, Email: email, Generalemailsignup: emailoptin} )


It's giving "Unexpected Characters. The Formula contains 'ParenClose' where Eof is expected"


Sorry to ask again- but I can't see where i've gone wrong!


Thanks again so so much, really appreciate it.




Have you just left a closing ")" off the end of your formula to close out the ForAll() function?

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All errors cleared! Thank you so hugely much for your help, you're a life saver!


Really really appreciate your help!

No worries mate, happy to help!

I'm having a similar issue


I cannot get a field in SP to populate, name: Product. I've checked the URL and field name, they match up to my Collection.


I've tried two different methods and neither are working.


First method is using "ForAll(CollectOrders, Patch(Orders, Defaults(Orders),  {Title:  CustomerInput,  Product:  ProductInput,  Package:  PackageInput})) " .


This method results in an error stating: "The Request Operation is invalid, a server response that: obeject must implement IConvertible.clientRequsetID and ServiceReuestID". 


The second method uses "Collect(Orders, CollectOrders)".


This method populates all fields EXCEPT "Product", not sure why this is happening. Do you have any tips?


Welcome to the forums, I'll try to help. As a first suggestion, it maybe best to start your own post on the forums and reference this one saying you've tried the solutions here but it hasn't solved your issue. A simple reason for doing this is that more people can get involved in working on a solution for you - here it may just be me 🙂


To have one crack at a solution though, what data type is 'Products' eg is a LookUp SP column, a Choice column, Single Line of Text, ...? 


If it's one of the first two (ie complex data types) then this maybe your issue.

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