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Hiding Fields with no data in an email report

Hello, I previously posted about sending an email when a record is updated, and it is working well; however, I would like to have the end email "hide" any entries in the SharePoint List that are Blank (This gets sent company wide and I don't want all the unused fields shown). Thank you for your help and time! Here is the code, and an output image.


Back(); Set(newRecord, EditForm1.LastSubmit);
	"Update for Lot",
	"Lot #: "& newRecord.'Lot #'& Char(10)&
	"MBR #: "& newRecord.'MBR Number' & Char(10)&
	"Formulation WO: "& newRecord.'Formulation WO'& Char(10)&
	"Filling WO: "& newRecord.'Filling WO'& Char(10)&
	"Buffer Start: "& newRecord.'Buffer Start'& Char(10)&
	"Buffer End: "& newRecord.'Buffer End'& Char(10)&
	"Thaw/Equilibration Start: "& newRecord.'Thaw Start'& Char(10)&
	"Thaw/Equilibration End: "& newRecord.'Thaw End'& Char(10)&
	"WFI Addition Start: "& newRecord.'WFI Addition Start'& Char(10)&
	"WFI Addition End: "& newRecord.'WFI Addition End'& Char(10)&
	"Formulation Start: "& newRecord.'Formulation Start'& Char(10)&
	"Formulation End: "& newRecord.'Formulation End'& Char(10)&
	"API Addition Start: "& newRecord.'API Addition Start'& Char(10)&
	"API Addition End: "& newRecord.'API Addition End'& Char(10)&
	"Pooling Start: "& newRecord.'Pooling Start'& Char(10)&
	"Pooling End: "& newRecord.'Pooling End'& Char(10)&
	"Dilution Start: "& newRecord.'Dilution Start'& Char(10)&
	"Dilution End: " & newRecord.'Dilution End'& Char(10)&
	"BBR Filtration Start: "& newRecord.'BBR Filtration Start'& Char(10)&
	"BBR Filtration End: "& newRecord.'BBR Filtration End'& Char(10)&
	"Sterile Filtration Start: "& newRecord.'Sterile Filtration Start'& Char(10)&
	"Sterile Filtration End: "& newRecord.'Sterile Filtration End'& Char(10)&
	"Filling Start: "& newRecord.'Filling Start'& Char(10)&
	"Filling End: "& newRecord.'Filling End'& Char(10)&
	"Lyo Unload Start: "& newRecord.'Lyo Unload Start'& Char(10)&
	"Lyo Unload End: "& newRecord.'Lyo Unload End'& Char(10)&
	"1C Test Result: "& newRecord.'1C' & " "& newRecord.'1C Unit' & Char(10)&
	"2C Test Result: "& newRecord.'2C' & " "& newRecord.'2C Unit' & Char(10)&
	"3C Test Result: "& newRecord.'3C' & " "& newRecord.'3C Unit' & Char(10)&
	"4C Test Result: "& newRecord.'4C' & " "& newRecord.'4C Unit' & Char(10)&
	"5C Test Result: "& newRecord.'5C' & " "& newRecord.'5C Unit' & Char(10)&
	"6C Test Result: "& newRecord.'6C' & " "& newRecord.'6C Unit' & Char(10)&
	"1M Test Result: "& newRecord.'1M ' & " "& newRecord.'1M Unit' & Char(10)&
	"Endotoxin Test Result: "& newRecord.'Endotoxin Test Result' & Char(10)&
	"pH Test Result: "& newRecord.'pH Test Result' & Char(10)&
	"Pooled Weight: "& newRecord.'Pooled Weight' & "kg" & Char(10)&
	"BBR Filtered Weight: "& newRecord.'BBR Weight' & "kg" & Char(10)&
	"Steriel Filtered Weight: "& newRecord.'Sterile Weight' & "kg" & Char(10)&
	"Theoretical Yield: "& newRecord.'Theoretical Yield' & " Units" & Char(10)




Email Ex.JPG


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Super User III
Super User III


Great question!


You can take this line...

"Lot #: "& newRecord.'Lot #'& Char(10)&


...and change it to this code to show nothing when the value for Lot is blank.

If(!IsBlank(newRecord.'Lot #'), "Lot #: "& newRecord.'Lot #'& Char(10))&


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Is there an additional True/False Statement needed for this? I'm getting an error

NVM, forgot the additional ) 

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