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How Can I Clear a Gallery Selection

I love using the gallery selection to get values that I will use in my submit and/or patch functions. However, when I come back to the screen after performing my actions, I'd like to screen to start fresh without any selections.


How, do I clear the gallery selected items onvisible for my screen?


Use Case:

Gallery1 is full of items from data source on screen1

Text1.Text is defaulted to Gallery1.Selected.Value.Field

After the first click on Gallery1 Text1.Text shows the correct value

I submit, and navigate to confirmation screen

I return to screen1

but I want Text1.Text to be blank again I would like to know how to clear the gallery selection


Thank you in advance for your help!




did you find the solution? I have this same problem 😞




Hi everyone,


I realize this will not an option for all scenarios, but the most effective way that we have found for the gallery to 'forget' which item was selected, or even that something was selected is, by clearing the data source Smiley Surprised


a) Set gallery.default = {}

b) If gallery.items contains a collection, clear the collection on form onvisible or from whatever is calling the form. If you use ClearCollect, this will not reset the gallery, because it doesn't seem to put the gallery in a state where it doesn't contain any items at any stage, which is what causes the gallery to reset the selection.


I haven't tried the above with other datasources, to possibly set the gallery.items property to something like [{ }] during certain triggers, but this might be worth trying.


In what world is that "Easy?"


There should not have to be a workaround for every little piece of basic functionality but it seems that is what powerapps make us do. Having to use Context variables to do anything useful drives me nuts.


This is broken! ... It should be fixed!

Hello,@JeremyDIV I agree with you. Some things should be simpler.
@DavesTechTips is right. You need to "refresh" the items, but there no need to clear the collection.

If you need to refresh the gallery in order not to have selected item you can do these:

Solution1: If you need only one button that triggers the refresh,

Gallery1.Default = {}                                                                    (as Dawidvh said)
Gallery1.Items = If(!Button1.Pressed,Collection1)                       (notice the !   It's !Button1.Pressed)
This way whenever Button1 is pressed it goes, false true, and it's like the Items in the gallery are reseting

Solution 2 that is more generic,

Gallery1.Default = vDefaultGallery 
and whenever you want to refresh the selection of the gallery, in our case Button1, add this:
Button1.OnSelect = UpdateContext({vDefaultGallery :Blank()});UpdateContext({vDefaultGallery :{}})


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