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How can I add, edit, remove rows from a dropdown list on a Power Apps Form that I am creating

I am working on creating an IT Requirement's Form for our company. The current IT Requirements Form needs to go and be replaced by a Power Apps version of the Form. The data will be saved on SharePoint.


This is how the original form looks like - (highlighted in red is the part I am having trouble trying to recreate)




This is what I have made so far - (page 1)



(page 2)



My problem is on the 2nd page where I have to have rows of data which can be added or removed. It can have any number of rows of items which can be added or removed. The screenshot above shows the second page and the highlighted in yellow part has been edited. This is what the goal is where I am trying to make an editable row. Where I can add rows, remove rows, edit rows by clicking buttons. Also being able to save the info on SharePoint (if that is possible.) Just like this -



I have customized the SharePoint list using Power Apps and this is how the SharePoint List looks.



It's been weeks since I have been trying to figure this out and I cannot find anything yet. Help would really be appreciated.  I can provide more screenshots or info.

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If you could provide better screenshots of the original app process you are trying to mimic that would help. When we just copy paste images into these forums they dont show up very well, try uploading those as an attachment so when i open them they show full size.


also let me know where you are currently saving the dropdown options. (whats in the items property)

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[edited reply]


The original app is the one that looks a bit dated and the new looking one is the Power Apps version. I am working on the Power Apps version trying to saving the drop down items in SharePoint. But the dropdown is coming from an Excel file which is in OneDrive.


I can totally change my data source to having it hard coded on the dropdown like this -

(Items: ["Please select", "Hardware", "Software", "Other"])


but I am trying to add multiple rows of this 



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Ok figured that was what was happening. So assuming these dropdown adds need to stay in the app for all users I would use removeif to take the record out if hitting the x, and patch a new one in to the source for adds. Syntax wise I know how it works for doing this in sharepoint, but if different slightly for excel I am not sure because I never use excel as a source for powerapps anymore.

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Hi @TheRobRush thank you for your response and I want to let you know I have made some changes to my plans to make the project easier and less complicated. I would let the user choose from a dropdown and let them type in the next two. Then save the info on a multiline text field with an add button.


So each time the user hits the add button their selection would go to the multiline text field.




And the multi line text field would be numbered something like


    Type Selected            Requirements Selected                Comments Added

1) Hardware             1) Docking Station                    1) I need at least a 180 watt capable docking station

2) Software               2) Adobe Writer                        2) Need 1 license copy for work laptop

...                               ...                                               ...


something like this. the user selects the Type and types in the requirement and comment then hits the add button which would like above.

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you will need to collect all their chocies into a collection, and number them with a variable as they are collected. If something is removed will have to do a forall with a variable to renumber anything in there etc.

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Instead of using collection can't I store it as plain text in the multiline text box? And the data stored in SharePoint like this -


If it makes things simpler I can skip the numbering and replace it with a dash at the beginning. such as -


-Hardware        -Laptop                -12th Gen i7 Intel

-Hardware        -Monitor              - 27 inch 1440p

-Software         -Power Apps pro  - 1500 license copies

Here's how the form looks 


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