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Advocate I
Advocate I

How do I display an image column from my SharePoint list?

Hi everyone,


I'm having issues displaying my images from my SharePoint list. (Sorry for this nooby question, but Google isn't my friend..)

The Column Type of my list is "Image" so its not the "Link or Image" Column with the name "Picture".

I only found solutions with the "Link or Image" column type. But for my specific case I have to use the "Image" column type.


I tried the following commands but nothing worked...


Image = LookUp('MySPOList'; Title = "XYZ"; Picture)

Image = LookUp('MySPOList'; Title = "XYZ"; Picture.Image)

Image = LookUp('MySPOList'; Title = "XYZ"; Picture.Value)

Image = Picture.Thumbnail.Large


I have absoluetly no idea how I could display images with the SharePoint Image Column Type.


Thanks in advance 🙂

Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

Soo it's not just me.

Thanks Warren!! You saved me a very crabby reply. Although warranted. What's with all the clog and dagger stuff anyway?? All of a sudden this is here. How do you use it, what REALLY is it's scope, documentation?


In a sense one could think, if its not scoped to PowerApps as well, does that mean PowerAutomate too? What's the sense then? 



Advocate IV
Advocate IV

@CW You are correct, the image column type is not visible in PowerAutomate either.

@CW ,

I am not defending Microsoft here (and I do not work for them), however there are still a very large number of SharePoint users who do not use Power Apps. Sharepoint is one of the (many) options that Power Apps can use as a data source and there are many other options in Power Apps (at least three) to display and view images effectively - I have done a blog on this for your reference.

So I suspect this enhancement was for SharePoint users and maybe Power Apps will catch up with it soon (we hope) - you might assist by voting for @jason_c_wyatt 's idea.

Thanks Warren, appreciate the objectivity.

However, I only buy that to a point. From my point of view the need for workarounds and hacks seems to be required for too many objects. It seems never ending. So, if you want they want to play big boy on the block, they need to at least finish many of their projects.


I'm currently actually experiencing another gotcha with delegation errors by simply filtering using a method I was taught to use, an UID, "ID". However, now it's become a data management foo-pah?? You can filter but only if it's a Tuesday with a full moon and only twice per month. Delegation errors????


Case in point.





I'm sure there is a 10 step convoluted complex flow to accomplish that. I found it only took a couple of simple clicks to upload and show an image using AirTable.

Advocate II
Advocate II

Has anyone found how to use the Image column from a SharePoint list in Power Apps.  It should be a simple connector from Power Apps to SharePoint.


@sobenson ,

No, it is still not visible in Power Apps  - I suspect the storage schema in SharePoint may be part of the issue.

@CW , I just noticed your comments on Delegation - this blog of mine may be of some assistance.

Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

Hi all. Try this gentleman's YouTube video. He takes the image file's internal link and adds it to the old image/hyperlink hyperlink field.

From there it should be a simple matter of displaying the image/hyperlink hyperlink field in a gallery.

Yes, just another "have-to-do-another-Microsoft-workaround". But at least we now have AI and 3D in PowerApps. 🤔 What we do without that? Oh yes, conjure up workarounds for their consistently incomplete tech that has more holes than swiss cheese.

Thanks @CW .  That is what I did as well.  It sucks because entering a list item, I then need to save it to get the link to then edit the list to enter that URL into the Hyperlink field.  

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