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Advocate I

How do I display an image column from my SharePoint list?

Hi everyone,


I'm having issues displaying my images from my SharePoint list. (Sorry for this nooby question, but Google isn't my friend..)

The Column Type of my list is "Image" so its not the "Link or Image" Column with the name "Picture".

I only found solutions with the "Link or Image" column type. But for my specific case I have to use the "Image" column type.


I tried the following commands but nothing worked...


Image = LookUp('MySPOList'; Title = "XYZ"; Picture)

Image = LookUp('MySPOList'; Title = "XYZ"; Picture.Image)

Image = LookUp('MySPOList'; Title = "XYZ"; Picture.Value)

Image = Picture.Thumbnail.Large


I have absoluetly no idea how I could display images with the SharePoint Image Column Type.


Thanks in advance 🙂

Super User
Super User

Hi @DustinB ,

I have done a blog on capturing and displaying images. 
Please have a read of the display part to see which type applies to you.

Happy to elaborate further if necessary.


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Hi @WarrenBelz 


thanks for trying to help me.

Unfortunately I'm not dealing with Attachments, Pictures stored in SP Librarys or Pictures stored as multi-line text.


I'm using the SPO Image column in my SharePoint list. I thought that there should also be a way to display/ save these kind of images...


P.S: Yesterday I read a post from you, where someone invited you to Budapest. If you help me I'll invite you to Germany, Cologne 😉

Hi @DustinB ,

When you say “SPO Image Column”, what exactly do you mean? If you are referring to a hyperlink, you still have to store the picture somewhere. Can you please send me a screenshot of your field definition in SP and also the method you store the image.

Hi @WarrenBelz,

I'm talking about this column:



The Pictures look like this in the SharePoint list:


If you click on a picture it'll be opend in a new tab with the URL:[random letters]/items/[random letters]/thumbnails/[random letters]

That's the reason I though this image column is like a thumbnail of the Item --> Image = selectedItem.Thumbnail.Large



You can directly upload an image to the list:




I'm sorry, that the Screenshots are translated via Google, because I'm having some issues changing my language settings...

Advocate I
Advocate I

I am having the same problem and also struggled to find almost anything on google even addressing the existence of this column. After some digging I worked out the column is almost brand new - see here: Also this blog post (just focused on SharePoint, not Power Apps): 


Hopefully we can figure out if the issue is with the column type itself or perhaps just Power Apps hasn't caught up yet. For that matter the column doesn't show in Power Automate actions either.

Hi @DustinB 

I had not seen that one (MS have a habit of putting new things in without any announcements and I use Libraries).

I have had a look at it and created a test example, but it appears that Power Apps is not in the scope (it is SharePoint only) as you cannot even refer to the field name in either a gallery or form (so obviously cannot display it).


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Hi @WarrenBelz,


thank you for trying to help me. I also supposed the same.


Advocate I
Advocate I

I was also using the very new SP List column "Image" and wanted to display it in powerapps, but it seems that there is no possiblity so far😓


It would be great if powerapps adds the possiblity to use this new SP column also in PA. Somebody knows, if there is any plan to add this functionality in the near future?

Advocate IV
Advocate IV



I have submitted this as an idea :


Please check out if it is what you are needing and if so please vote for it.


Most of my clients love this new column type, it works so well in the new gallery view in SPO. However, they are getting massively frustrated now that they can't use these images in a canvas app. 

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