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How to Validate User Email Address Against Approver Email Address

Hi Guys,


I have a PowerApps Form which I want to create so that user's can apply for access to a certain app.


In the form I have the Officer Email Address of the User in a User().Email Function and an Authorising Email Address which is free text that the User can enter. I want there to be a check that the User cannot just enter their own email address.


So I was thinking if there was a function that I could add that if these columns match an Error can pop up?


I've tried a few things, however getting an error - not sure if this is because the format of both columns are different?


Thanks in Advance.

Super User
Super User

Try this

If( User().Email = TextInput1.Text; DONT SEND EMAIL; Send Email)


TextInput1 is the textinput where users write approval email


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Best regards,
Gonçalo Nogueira

Hi @Nogueira1306 


I have tried using your above solution and have added in Notify("Declined",NotificationType.Error),SubmitForm (SubmitFormRequest)); instead of Dont/Send Email


I'm still getting an error and the Issue appears to be Incompatible types for comparison


IF(USer().Email = AuthoriserEmail_DataCard1.Text, Notify("Declined",NotificationType.Error),SubmitForm(SubmitRequestForm))

Show me the error, please

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @EdNash ,

Seems you are using a wrong control name in your formula.

I did a test, set OnChange property of my TextInput control to below, and everything works fine:


So on your side, try to set below formula on the OnChange property of your Textinput control(don't use the DataCard name, expand the AuthoriserEmail_DataCard1, and you can find the Textinput control name. The control name should format like DataCardValueX, see my screenshot😞

If(User().Email = DataCardValueX.Text, Notify("Declined",NotificationType.Error),SubmitForm(SubmitRequestForm))


Best regards,


Hi Allen,


I think I am almost there, I have a Submit Button so don't think I need a SubmitForm on the end of the formula for this DataCard as this already exists on the Submit Button.


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