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How to add comment in version?



Could someone, please help me by updating or adding a comment to versions?



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Please implement this.  It's such obvious functionality to have and you would think it to be relatively straightforward?

July 2019 guys 

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Gonna throw my hat in the ring for another bump. 


From the outside this looks like a relatively small change to make the already existing setup for it work. Just add a comment field somewhere next to the save button and connect the wires. This would be extremely useful for development and version management.

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Kudo Kingpin

Versioning management without this feature is really hard. Please implement version comments.

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Apparently still no way to fill that column

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Yes, seems like an easy fix. Would be OK with it just showing the first part of the description, too. Doesn't even need to be a new field

Well, I have just taken a different approach and created a "Release Notes" screen and added a Multi-line text box and I just update the that each time I make a change / release.

At this time, I've chosen not to provide navigation to it, but I guess I could add an "About" button to show it.

Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

Sooooooooooo...................................... so there's a comment column buuuuuuuuuuuut we can't add comments to it?????????????????????????????????????????????????


How typically Microsoft. Hey folks get off their back though. They needed that extra time to update connectors to Trello, Blabo, Huplabubby (yes I made up two of them. That's how ludicrous this really is) and some other such rediculous things likely only a very small percentage uses. Meanwhile, likely "ALLLLLL", "EVERYONE" that creates apps would use this comments for testing.


As is Microsoft, they should put some buttons on the bottom of the page that don't do # all, just to iritate us more. I wish Apple had some kind of similar tecgnology. I'd be there in a flash.

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Ok as a workaround but it doesn't really help when you want to rollback to a certain release as that about screen won't be visible for every version like the comment field in question.

Still, thumbs up for the idea.

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Hi all,

Seem like Microsoft added something around PowerApps Release 3.19093.16.

Best of luck,

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