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How to calculate week number?

Im creating a small booking app, where the users are used to Weeknumbers.


Is it posible to spesify like :


Week : 5  

Result would be : 30/1-2017 - 5/2-2017


Or vice versa,

Spesify the date and then get the current weeknumber.


This allso has to adjust for leap year.


Best Regards



Accepted Solutions

Weekk number ISO:




selec=datepicker or label

remove ; , if need

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Power Apps
Power Apps

Excel compatible WeekNum and ISOWeekNum functions have been added to Power Fx and Canvas apps in version 3.21081.

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Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Ryball,


For PowerApps, currenlty I thinks writing the formula for week number with the limited fucntion is not a good practice to handle in Apps.

We may need to connect to a date table (which contains the Week number) from some available data source, then just take a reference in PowerApps.

Such as Excel, there is a function call WeekNum which would do this.

See:WEEKNUM function.

Or we may consider submit this as an idea under PowerApps idea forum.

I will discuss with my colleagues and see if there are any other helpful comments on this.







Community Support Team _ Michael Shao
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Since Formulas in Excel are not supported in OneDrive Excel files, I dont see how this would work (usingExcel as a datasource with WEEKNUM), unless I'm missing something?





I believe this works in PowerApps for those that need it, Change all 'Saturday' to your week start day, Change all '4,1' (April 1st - this is not a prank, rail week starts that day) to your year start e.g. '1,1' and change all 'Today()' to the date you wish to calculate for.


If(DateDiff(Today(),Date(Year(Today()),4,1),Days)>0,RoundDown((DateDiff(Date(Year(Today())-1,4,1),Today(),Days)+ (8-Weekday(Date(Year(Today()),4,1),Saturday)))/7,0),RoundDown((DateDiff(Today(),Date(Year(Today()),4,1),Days)+ (8-Weekday(Date(Year(Today()),4,1),Saturday)))/7,0))


Hope it helps

Yours didn't quite work right for me but after a fair but of work I ended up with this....


Txt_WkEnd.Text replaces Today() from your version and I use Monday instead of Sunday but .....


Value(If(DateDiff(DateValue(Txt_WkEnd.Text),DateAdd(Date(Year(DateValue(Txt_WkEnd.Text)),1,1),(8-Weekday(Date(Year(DateValue(Txt_WkEnd.Text)),1,1),Monday)),Days))>=0,If((RoundUp((DateDiff(Date(Year(DateValue(Txt_WkEnd.Text))-1,1,1),DateValue(Txt_WkEnd.Text),Days)+ (8-Weekday(Date(Year(DateValue(Txt_WkEnd.Text)),1,1),Monday)))/7,0))>53,1,(RoundDown((DateDiff(Date(Year(DateValue(Txt_WkEnd.Text))-1,1,1),DateValue(Txt_WkEnd.Text),Days)+ (8-Weekday(Date(Year(DateValue(Txt_WkEnd.Text)),1,1),Monday)))/7,0))),RoundDown((DateDiff(DateValue(Txt_WkEnd.Text),Date(Year(DateValue(Txt_WkEnd.Text)),1,1),Days)- (8-Weekday(Date(Year(DateValue(Txt_WkEnd.Text)),1,1),Monday)))/7,0)*-1))

Double Post

yeah come april mine bust Smiley Sad  thanks for taking the time to get it right, confirmed this is now working for my use case,



Thank you Jimbobalero for your formula ! I am trying to get the correct week number considering that my first week of the year should be the first week with 4 days. In excel it is referenced as Weeknum(Date;21), is it the StartofWeek.MondayZero in PowerApps ? I have tried to adapt your formula but I can't get it working right for the moment...

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Mabye this will help:

Based on  a date picker (DatePicker1) and a label (Label1):

Label 1/ Text:

If(RoundDown((DatePicker1.SelectedDate - Date(Year(DatePicker1.SelectedDate); 1; 1) + (Weekday(Date(Year(DatePicker1.SelectedDate); 1; 1) - 1; Monday))) / 7; 0) = 0; 52;RoundDown((DatePicker1.SelectedDate - Date(Year(DatePicker1.SelectedDate); 1; 1) + (Weekday(Date(Year(DatePicker1.SelectedDate); 1; 1) - 1; Monday))) / 7; 0)) 

This starts the week on monday....

Not applicable

ABsolutely none of the suggestions on this page worked for me, my scenario is.


-Week starts on Sunday

-Week1 is the Last Week Of Last Year if more days of that week fall in that year

-Week1 Is the FIrst Week Of This Year if more days of that week fall in this year


My calculation is as below (beware! It's long)


UpdateContext({EndOfThisYear: Date(Year(Today()),12,31)});
UpdateContext({EndOfThisYear: Date(Year(Today()),12,31)+(7-Weekday(Date(Year(Today()),12,31)))}));
UpdateContext({EndOfThisYear: Date(Year(Today()),12,31)-(Weekday(Date(Year(Today()),12,31)))}));

UpdateContext({StartOfThisYear: Date(Year(Today()),1,1)});
UpdateContext({StartOfThisYear: Date(Year(Today()),1,1)+(7-Weekday(Date(Year(Today()),1,1)))+1}));
UpdateContext({StartOfThisYear: Date(Year(Today()),1,1)-(Weekday(Date(Year(Today()),1,1)))}));

UpdateContext({EndOfNextYear: Date(Year(Today())+1,12,31)});
UpdateContext({EndOfNextYear: Date(Year(Today())+1,12,31)+(7-Weekday(Date(Year(Today())+1,12,31)))}));
UpdateContext({EndOfNextYear: Date(Year(Today())+1,12,31)-(Weekday(Date(Year(Today())+1,12,31)))}));

UpdateContext({StartOfNextYear: Date(Year(Today())+1,1,1)});
UpdateContext({StartOfNextYear: Date(Year(Today())+1,1,1)+(7-Weekday(Date(Year(Today())+1,1,1)))+1}));
UpdateContext({StartOfNextYear: Date(Year(Today())+1,1,1)-(Weekday(Date(Year(Today())+1,1,1)))}));

UpdateContext({EndOfLastYear: Date(Year(Today())-1,12,31)});
UpdateContext({EndOfLastYear: Date(Year(Today())-1,12,31)+(7-Weekday(Date(Year(Today())-1,12,31)))}));
UpdateContext({EndOfLastYear: Date(Year(Today())-1,12,31)-(Weekday(Date(Year(Today())-1,12,31)))}));

UpdateContext({StartOfLastYear: Date(Year(Today())-1,1,1)});
UpdateContext({StartOfLastYear: Date(Year(Today())-1,1,1)+(7-Weekday(Date(Year(Today())-1,1,1)))+1}));
UpdateContext({StartOfLastYear: Date(Year(Today())-1,1,1)-(Weekday(Date(Year(Today())-1,1,1)))}));

If(And(Today() >= StartOfThisYear,Today() <= EndOfThisYear)
,UpdateContext({ActiveDate: {Start: StartOfThisYear, End: EndOfThisYear, LastWeek: EndOfThisYear-6}}));
If(Today() < StartOfThisYear
,UpdateContext({ActiveDate: {Start: StartOfLastYear, End: EndOfLastYear, LastWeek: EndOfLastYear-6}}));
If(Today() > EndOfThisYear
,UpdateContext({ActiveDate: {Start: StartOfNextYear, End: EndOfNextYear, LastWeek: EndOfNextYear-6}}));

UpdateContext({StartOfThisWeek: Today() - (Weekday(Today())-1)});

UpdateContext({calcWeekNum: (DateDiff(ActiveDate.Start,StartOfThisWeek)/7)+1})

Hope it helps someone

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