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Helper III

How to change the style or presentation of saved list items

Hi @WarrenBelz 


Thank you again for your assistance on the other thread. As requested, would it be possible to guide me so I can present saved items on a list when opened?


The current view I have when looking back on items saved from a form is attached.


Thank again for your help!!


Accepted Solutions

Thanks @MiniMe83 ,

Firstly if I did not mention this on your posts, I will tell you what I do to avoid the dreaded "Las Vegas Card Shuffle" on your whole form during design. I have a lot of big forms with a lot of cards. You have to do firstly a bit of planning and work out the maximum number you are likely to have in a row and set to that (1,2,3,4,6 etc).

Now the trick is to add each row one at a time and unless you have only one to a row, put in a custom card the full width and one pixel high - this acts as a "separator" as does a one row card, which should be set to full width immediately.

After you have done all your cards, then start adjusting the widths to suit - the worst that can then happen is one row wrapping down. Just reduce the width of one and swap with another on the row and back and it will be fixed. Also during this process if you have forgotten a card, wait until the end before you drag it up into position.

For your second question, make the Default of the control (change to your Form name)

   YourFormName.Mode = FormMode.New,


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Super User
Super User

Hi @MiniMe83 ,

My timezone will see me offline shortly, but in the meantime, what do you want done with this - please tell me generally what you want it to look like.

Also can you please accept the solution to the second question on the other thread so people can find it.

Hi @WarrenBelz 


The idea would be to only have the information entered in the form to be displayed in some type of summary / consolidation and leave the remaining questions or untouched fields out. The form used to enter an enquiry has several yes / no questions with additional boxes appearing if yes is chosen.


Also having the ability to add some colour, structure to the results & logos would be beneficial also.


I appreciate I could be asking a lot so thank you again for helping.



After looking at how the data  is presented on saved items in a list, I would just be happy to add some structure to the page and maybe a bit of colour.


I've done a very very basic explanation in the attachment. Hopefully this makes more sense.


Thanks again

Hi @WarrenBelz 


So I believe I have found what I am looking for. When looking at the form in power apps and have the form (sharepointform1) selected on the left-hand side, there is a dropdown box within the setting of the card which allows me to change the mode from edit, new to view. I believe "View" is the presentation I need to amend and save. Please let me know if this is what I need to do?


Referring back to a previous query, I have a datacard which has now moved, through unfortunately me playing around today.  The problem is I cant move it back. I cant drag and drop on the form itself in power apps and I cant move the datacard in the edit fields section on the right hand side. In both instances the card will ghost out and will appear to be allowed to be moved but when placed nothing happens. Ive even tried the suggestion of changing the X and Y axis on the datacard but that also doesn't work.


Within the Fields box, all of my fields have (custom) after their name, Im not sure if this is causing an issue.


Searching around, there have been suggestions to turn rendering off and back on again but this was back in 2018 and the option now isn't there in advanced settings.


Ive had this issue several times before but have started over as I was only starting out...………… Im a bit too far gone to now restart and would like a fix for this if possible.


Im hoping you can help me out. 


Thanks again

OK @MiniMe83 ,

Back with you (6:30 am Tuesday morning here)

Firstly, yes, if you highlight the control or card, you can change many things including the border width (zero is invisible) and border colour, font colour, size and type, the fill (background) and many other things - just look in the drop-down list when you select the item. Happy to clarify if you get stuck.

Now to your card. If you open the Edit menu at the right, you can move them in any order you want as below - just left-click and hold then drag to where you want them (make sure you drop in the middle of the other cards) - are you saying this is not working for you  ?















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Hi @WarrenBelz

6:30am........ keeping you busy in quarantine I suppose. Australia east coast?

Regards to the datacard, this is correct, I can’t drag and drop between the lines as demonstrated.

Any ideas? 21:55 here 🙂

Hi @WarrenBelz

So I’ve managed to move the card by selecting the card in the tree view whilst in edit mode. The only issue is that I can either move it to the right hand side end of a row of card or have it completely in a row of its own pushing the row of cards I referred to down a notch. I can’t move it any other place.

Hi @MiniMe_83 ,

Yes - sunny Queensland and in basically home lock-down (although we Ozzies don't form zombie hoards with guns demanding to be let out . . .). We have some restrictions being slightly eased next week, and nearly have this thing beaten (less than 100 active cases in a state three times the size of Texas and only one within 300k of where I am). Where are you situated?

But back to your issue - can you please send me a screen shot so I can see the issue you are facing - you should be able to move cards anywhere on the form.

Hi @WarrenBelz 


Queensland, lovely place! Im in sunny UK, it's our summertime and we have rain, typical really. Ive rolled the version of the form back so my datacard issue is now solved but I still have the issue of not being able to put datacards where I wish to put them. 


The red X on some of the datacards seems to be an error but don't actually mean anything as the form works fine. The error on all of them is, "The data source supplied to the function is invalid"


Thanks for helping

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