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How to clear People or Group picker when entering multiple people

Created a PowerApp for input into a SharePoint list. One of the columns is a Person or Group field where multiple can be added. The problem is that when adding multiple people the UI doesn't seem easy/intuitive as it is (at least what I've got right now).


Once you enter in one user, you have to manually clear out what you've typed in order to start typing for another user. Is there a way I'm missing to clear what you've typed once you select a user?


Example: I've added myself, now I want to add another user and have to manually clear my name I've typed.

(Screenshot of this attached)


Any help would be most appreciated!

Super User
Super User


Yes, you must manually clear the name you typed by clicking the [x] button to the right of the search-field.


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Right. My apologies if I didn't make my question clear. I'm asking if there's a way to clear it without manually doing it. As in, 

1.) I type a name

2.) I select a person

3.) It clears what I've typed

Yes, I know what you were asking.  No, there is no way to do it.  Click the [X] symbol to the right of the search-field.

Helper V
Helper V

This is very difficult to do in SPD2010 Workflows because that platform has no native actions for working with arrays or Dictionaries (if I am wrong please let me know). That said, I haven't tried it but I think it would be much easier to do this in an SPD2013 workflow, since you could get the multi-value person field as a dictionary and loop through it pretty easily. It's doubly unfortunate that Microsoft did not provide any actions to manipulate strings or arrays in SP2010 workflows, since those kinds of operations are trivial in every programming language. In any case, I was able to remove a single user from a multi-value person field in an SP2010 workflow by using a series of Array and String actions, as provided by the 3rd-party HarePoint Workflow Extension product. (Disclaimer: the sets of Array and String actions provided by HarePoint are free to use, but I am not myself affiliated with the company.) So, broadly, here are the steps. We are going to split apart the field value, remove the value we don't want, join it together again, and set that as the new value of the field. Steps Get the multi-value Person field as a string of semicolon-delimited User Ids User Ids, Semicolon Delimited Get the User Id you want to remove as a string Get the user id Return the person value as a user id Split the multi-value person field string variable by ; (semicolon). This produces an array of integers as strings. Split the field value by semicolon Find the index of the item you want to remove Find the index of the item you want to remove Remove the desired User Id from the array. (You should also include a conditional statement to check that the index is greater than -1, to handle cases where the target user id is not found in the array. Remove the desired user id from the array Join the array back together with ; (semicolon) as the delimiter. This gives us a properly-formatted string. Join the array together again Update the multi-value field by setting it to the joined string Set the field value from the joined string Success! Now the field is less one person.

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