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How to clear a Text Input

Hi to all


I have this situatión, I have two screen, in the first one I have a text input in order the user type the name,one the user click the next button I filtered the information in the second screen, everything looks ok, the problem is when I return to the first screen I continue seeing the name of the user, how can I clear that information 


Thank you


I have utilized the "Reset.Pressed" method to clear fields in text, dropdown, radio, toggle, and date picker field types.  This works great when playing it from the studio, however, when I upload it to the cloud and use it on a tablet, the fields do not reset.  Has anyone else experienced this issue and/or has anyone else found a way to resolve it?


@hpkeong wrote:





Dang's suggestion is correct. Maybe the way it is triggered.

1. You enter Name (in screen 1) in TextInput1; set the Reset: Button2.Pressed

2. Click a button1 and navigate to Screen 2 (Button1, OnSelect: Navigate(Screen2, None))

3. Click a button2 and navigate back to Screen 1; (Button2: OnSelect: Navigate(Screen1, None))

4. In Screen1, you will see that TextInput1 entry is now cleared.


Reset: this can be triggered from another screen (global).

NB: When you click on Screen2 Button, the TextInput1 is cleared even before you navigate back to screen1.


Option 2:


You may also use UpdateContext, but this is local to the screen. 

NB: When you click on Screen2 Button, the TextInput1 is cleared ONLY when you are in screen1 (you can see the test is cleared just when you navigate into screen1).



1.  Insert a TextInput1 (in screen 1);

- under Default, say you name it: Default: MyText

- under OnVisible (Screen1), enter: OnVisible: UpdateContext({MyText: " "}); UpdateContext({MyText: ""}).

2. You enter Name (in screen 1) in TextInput1.

3. Click a button1 and navigate to Screen 2 (Button1, OnSelect: Navigate(Screen2, None))

4. Click a button2 and navigate back to Screen 1; (Button2: OnSelect: Navigate(Screen1, None))

5. In Screen1, you will see that TextInput1 entry is now cleared.


Always take note:

UpdateContext({MyText: " "}); UpdateContext({MyText: ""}).

" " - first one with space; "": second one with space.

Otherwise, you will never get your result.


They are numerous discussion over this with a lot of different options in Project Siena forum.


Hoe this supplements the rests and helps.





Please refer to;


Core properties in PowerApps of LEARN.


Reset – Whether a control reverts to its default value.

•Applies to Audio, Check box, Drop down, List Box, Microphone, Radio, Rating, Slider, Text input, Timer, Toggle, and Video controls


You mentioned DatePicker - it is currently not supported.


I can have the Reset.Presses works in both studio and cloud in various situation.

Can you provide details?


Meantime,  can you try UpdateContext({MyText: " "}); UpdateContext({MyText: ""})?

Just to share as of Dang's suggestion:

If you are NOT editing TextInput, Default = "" is OK.

But you are editing the TextInput (to amend the record), it is good to define a default value of that TextInput1 = Datasource.TitleColumn  and when updating to clear, set it to

UpdateContaext({Datasource.TitleColumn: " "}); UpdateContext({Datasource.TitleColumn: ""}).




I realize date picker is not supported, but it does work.  Regardless, the date picker is not my issue.  This is affecting all supported fields.  


I do not want to amend the record, I am clearing fields to allow them to be entered as a new reord. 


I have the default value of the fields set to "" and have the 'Reset' value set to "ClearButton.Pressed".


In studio, the fields clear when the button is pressed.  On the tablet, the fields do not clear.  I have noticed that if I click the button multiple times rapidly, the fields will clear; but not every time.


I am experiencing this issue on a Samsung Galaxy tablet running Android 5.0.2 and a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 running Android 5.1.1 .  




I have never set Default = "".


My way:

1. Either ADD (new record) or EDIT (existing record), i will Update data into a context variable and carry into TextInput Default value: e.g.:

ADD button .. OnSelect = UpdateContext({ABC: Defaults (TableX)})

EDIT button.. OnSelect = UpdateContext({ABC: ThisItem})...ThisItem refer to the record or record of a gallery when you click on.

2. In the corresponding TextInput, set Default = ABC.TitleColumn, TitleColumn is the header title which represent the data which you wish to ADD or EDIT.

3. So, when you had entered new data (ADD) or even Edit, and when you set Reset (of the Textnput) = ButtonAdd.Pressed, or even ButtonEDIT.Presses, it will definitely cleared.


In your scenario, you are using Default = ""...which I had never used before because for my case, all Default = ABC.TitleColumn because I need them all the time.


Attach actual apps screenshot for reference.


Hope it helps.


Screenshot (184).pngScreenshot (185).pngScreenshot (186).png






You can use following OnSelect action for a button (I use an "cancel" icon on the right side of the textbox):




The text input will be cleared and will shown default value or hint text.


Best regards

Community Champion
Community Champion

@Mühle, thank you for following up with this--Reset() is the most efficient method now 🙂

Microsoft Employee

And just to follow this a little futher..

by adding And before Reset, you can clear more inputs.


Helper IV
Helper IV



In my scenario,

how to reset the respond to powerapps value from flow to powerapps

Dropdown1: Set(Product,USER.Run(Datasoruce.Selected.ID))

Textinput Default: Product.Owner

On textinout default Product is the Global variable and Owner is coming from Respond to powerapp option on flow.

Once we submit the form it will navigate to screen2 and when they click on back button it will navigate to screen1

when we select an item on the dropdown, the Textinput will populate ith product owner using a FLOW.Once the form is submitted and we use back button to come back to sscreen1.

The textinput value should not be the previous owner.

I'm unable to reset the varaible value to null or any other name

Please let me know your thoughts



Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @MK1,

It's best to start new threads so your question is surfaced to the top instead of hidden at the end. 


My understanding is you're running a flow that responds to PowerApps. 

You want the Product Owner to clear upon coming back to the screen


Are you using the other fields from the Flow or is .Owner the only one?


If Owner is the only field, what you can do is drill into the flow result when declaring the variable:


When leaving the screen, you can Set Product to Blank():


This makes the owner null so it's not confusing.


Alternatively, you can try keeping everything the way it is and just using Set(Product,Blank()) and see if it can override the current response from the flow.


Let me know if that helps.


Mr. Dang

Microsoft Employee




Thank you for your help. It worked  Set(Product,Blank()).

I'm want to create my own threads but, i'm unable to find were to.


One more Question:

Is there any way to get all items in the listbox into a textbox without selecting them. 

when we choose a product, it has 2-3 different descriptions for it. Which i'm pulling into list box. so that when a user selects the product, he can see all the descriptions available.

But, until we select the description, its not populating into the submit form.i'm trying to save description into SQL table when we submit a request.

Please let me know your thoughts.


Thanks again.





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