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How to collect information without using Collections?

Hi Power Apps Community,

Currently in the process of creating a request app with the ability to Cc multiple email addresses when a Send Button is clicked. For this, I am using 365 as data source and gallery.

However although I can select multiple emails, it only sends to 1 email (usually only the one at the top of the list) when the Send Button is clicked. 

Is there a way to collect the selected multiple email addressed without using collections? Thank you! 

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depending how you're selecting the users (assuming its a gallery in this case) you are able to Concat YourGallery.AllItems with the semicolon seperator and then set that Concat as the input for your CC, essentially separating in the same way outlook would.


let me know if that solves your problem, and if it does feel free to mark it as a solution!





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Hi @Alex_Security 

In the gallery, an icon  is used to select a specific email address. I would like to your idea. Can you walk me through it? Where should I add the Concat function, in the gallery's display mode or default?

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Hi Dmc,


of course.


so in your gallery, set a collect item for the icon onselect function, as per the below:


Collect(EmailAddresses,ThisItem.Email) - if using the office365users connector then use .mail as opposed to .email, i just built a table for this example 🙂


then you can use either the function itself - Concat(EmailAddresses,Value,";") in your CC option for email, or add it into a text label and reference the label in your send email function. example below:







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Thank you @Alex_Security , quick query: Is the "EmailAddresses" in your example the name of the table you created?

Hi @Anonymous , its the name of the Collection created by the icon, you can name it to whatever you like, just ensure its the same collection in the Concat function 🙂 

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Hi @Alex_Security  my icon has this string so I can see both Name and email address when collected:


NOTIFIED is the name of the Collection.


In my send button - Cc looks like this: 


I also tried: 



Both don't seem to work or did I miss anything?



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Hi @Anonymous , In your Collect you'll need to put Collect(NOTIFIED, ThisItem.Mail), as it'll need the email specifically to know what to Concat 🙂 

or failing that, if you want to keep both the name and email in the collection, edit your CC to this:


{cc: Concat(NOTIFIED.Email,";")}

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Hi @Alex_Security 

Yes, I want to keep both. So I made changed in my Cc:


Also tried this: 


No squiggly lines but it did not attach any email when I click Send 🙂 

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