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How to control Save button in PowerApps using Sharepoint List

Hello.  I am builidng custom form in PowerApps using Sharepoint List. And I set Email notification by Automate to check each status.



1.HR input new staff's information

2.Manager update if they need PC/mobile/ PC Delivery date etc.

3.IT update ID status/PC order status/Mobile# 


Status and set Email notification in PowerAutomate "When an item is created or modified"

1.In progress by Manager (Button: Submit to Manager)

2.In progress by HR (Button: Send to HR )

3.In progress by IT (Button: Approved by HR)

4.Completed (Button: Completed)


Form created

1.New Screen

2.Edit Screen

3.View Screen


Then, I set for Onsave as below.



However, when opening an item and just click "Save" button regardless editng or not editing , the email notification will be sent automatically.

For instance, IT team updates mobile#, then click the "Save" button, as we don't want to click "Completed" button if PC order has not completed. However when we click "Save" button,the Email nofitication will be triggered.

We want to set "Save"button not working for Email notification trigger by Automate.

Is there anyone faced the similar case and how did you solve?


Save button.jpgautomate trigger.jpg

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What is triggering Your Power Automate flow? I do not see any Run() command in Your Save button means You have some sort of "When new Item is created or modify" trigger right ?

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Thank you for your comment😀

Yes, the below Automate triggers.

When clicking "Save" button, how can I do in order for "Save"  not to trigger automate?

This means, when clicking "Save",we don't want to send any Email notification automatically.


Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

As Power Automate is triggering the email, it would seem the change needs to occur with your Power Automate flow, not with your save formula.


Can you add something like a "Complete" column in SharePoint, and then add an "AND" to your flow?  If the item is modified AND the Complete value is true, then send the email

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Hi @Glueck 


For things like that best trigger is PowerApps v2





Replace Your trigger with this one. Create the variable Yes as Text and add the condition what will be true if the variable will be set to Yes or You can use a boolean value and pass true false.


Add the flow to Your Power app from the menu on the Left




in the Save button, you will need to add a condition



IF(All 4 buttons are pressed,"FlowName".Run("Yes"))



I don't know how You set the buttons, so I can't write the whole code but hope this makes sense that way only if the condition will be meet the flow will be triggered.


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@SebS  @Rusk 😊


Hello, thank you for your help!

I am sorry for my late reply as I just came back from the long vacation yesterday.

I will work on now based on your advice and will update again if solved or not.  Thank you

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Go to your list.
In the toolbar at the top of the list, click the Integrate button, choose Power Apps, and choose Customize forms.
In your new Power App, add two buttons, from the Insert menu.
Type the text on the two buttons: “Save” and “Save & New”



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