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How to filter choices() on Combobox

I am not apple to filter Sharepoint data where the field is a lookup-field in a form.


Is it possible to filter like this:


Filter( Choices(ProjectTasks.Sprint); Project.Value="PROJ0112")


Unfortunately the above is not working when using FILTER.


If I do not use FILTER - it works but lists all data without filterering like: Choices(ProjectTasks.Sprint)


Please help me understand how to filter the new Combobox in a Form using the commando Choices(dbsource.field)


sorry @Stijn007  - the project i was working on a year ago never went anywhere so I never did get this problem resolved.  good luck; if you do get an answer please post the solution because i'm still interested...

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I'm working through a similar issue where I am accessing data from lookup columns in my sharepoint list with a series of cboxes. The first combobox accessess my list of customers, then the next combobox accesses the same list but a different column populated by all of the sites owned by each customer, then in the next column I have all the different components owned located on each site.  I would like to show distinct values in the customer combobox, but for some reason with my current formula, the customer names are showing up as blank.  I think there is definitely something there because I can click on one of the blank fields, and the customer sites field populates correctly.. Can someone help me understand what is wrong my formula?


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Just dropping this in here for added reference since this post was so helpful and had several replies over the years.

Was able to filter a list of Payment Methods with a Choice called 'Type' when all I wanted to show was "Credit Card" or "Debit Card".


Filter(Choices(Type), Value = Type.'Credit Card' || Value = Type.'Debit Card')


Hi @CarlosFigueira 


Can you explain why this is not working.


Filter(Choices(KUADictionary.Category_type), Value = Products.Value)

I have a gallery which I want to be filtered based on a collection. 

@JHS2020 what error do you get (or if you don't get errors, how is it not working)?

If 'Products' is a collection, and you want to filter the Category_type choices only for those whose values are present in the gallery, then you can use should use the in operator instead of the equality one:

Filter(Choices(KUADictionary.Category_type), Value in Products.Value)

Hope this helps! 

@CarlosFigueira I get this. Is it worth mention that the Category_type is a choice column 




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Thanks to all the life savers here. 😀

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Since the Filter is requiring to use value instead table. I’ve used ‘AddColumns’ function to convert it as a value. Then, I used Distinct to extract duplicate values.



Distinct(Filter(AddColumns(Test,"lookup1value",Lookup1.Value),Choice.Value <> "Choice 2"),lookup1value)




I hope this will save someone from headache. 😄

Hey Carlos,

I am having a lookup field that referred to another list which has more than 5k rows. Threshold view error message is spamming at me. From what I understand, as long as I filter my lookup combobox to less than 5k rows, it will work right? 
Have you ever encounter such a scenario? Appreciate if you can feed some formula reference here. 🙂




@CarlosFigueira wrote:

Got it; in this case, you can filter the result of the "Choices" based on another filter on the linked table, something along the lines of

    Value in Filter(ProjectSprints, Project = "PROJ0112").Title)

This thread still seems to be active, and I think this is relevant:


I think this is VERY close to the solution I need, but I can't seem to dial it in.  I'm building an app where users may register for a class by selecting a date.   The date selection is 'Attendee Registration'.DatesFirstChoice  .  The available class dates are in a lookup table 'Lookup Dates'.StartDate  .  The Lookup Table also has column .Status , which I'd like to be able to use as a choice filter. 


I've tried to apply this formula but it doesn't like the way I'm using "Value".  



        'Attendee Registration'.DatesFirstChoice
    Value in Filter(
        'Lookup Dates',
         Status="Registration Open"
    .'Start Date'



I get "Name isn't valid. 'Value' isn't recognized"

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