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How to have a required field but submit nulls?

Hi Team -


I have a required field in my PowerApps application.  It is a Combobox of elements I collect from another SP List. What I have also done is add a "Not Applicable" value to the list of items for an end user to select if none of the values are applicable.  The challenge I am facing is I really don't want "Not Applicable" values submitted to my SharePoint list as it looks cluttered and really not best practice.


So what I have done is check the "Update" probably for "Not Applicable" and then submit a null however the challenge is when I open the form back open, the value is obviously blank and I need to do the selection over again which I don't want to burden the users.  Is there a way to detect if the field is bull/blank and automatically display "Not Applicable" if so? The other challenge is I think I can get it to display "Not Applicable" if the field is truly blank, but will the Combobox recognize a value without making a selection?


Here is my current collection:

            TargetAlias: "Not Applicable",
			TargetID: "Not Applicable",
            TargetIDR: "Not Applicable"
                                    Not(DataElement_Type.Value = "Time Tracking")//,
                                   // Not(Portfolio_Status.Value = "Terminated")


Here is my DefaultSelectedItems property (which is Displaying "TargetAlias":



Any tips are greatly appreciated, thank you!


Frequent Visitor


Assuming you're wanting the combobox default to display 'Not Applicable' then try this code:

If(IsBlank(LookUp(TargetList, TargetIDR=ThisItem.PF_Research_Code)),"Not Applicable",LookUp(TargetList, TargetIDR=ThisItem.PF_Research_Code))


If(LookUp(TargetList, TargetIDR=ThisItem.PF_Research_Code)="","Not Applicable",LookUp(TargetList, TargetIDR=ThisItem.PF_Research_Code))

Hopefully this helps you!

@Knivy  Thanks! Where would I put this? In the ComboBox default selected items? Both formulas don't seem to work.  One is saying need text value while the other the syntax is wrong.



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My bad! I didn't completely understand what the combobox was doing!

I think this may work in the combo box default selected items:

If(IsEmpty(LookUp(TargetList, TargetIDR=ThisItem.PF_Research_Code)), LookUp(TargetList, TargetIDR="Not Applicable"),LookUp(TargetList, TargetIDR=ThisItem.PF_Research_Code))

But if it doesn't then I can't help any further I'm afriad and will need someone more skilled than me to take a look

@Knivy  Thanks! It works in the ComboBox but doesn't actually Display "Not Applicable". I believe I would need to do something int he Default and UPdate fields as well but not sure

Hi folks, would anyone perhaps have any other ideas? Thank you!

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