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Helper III
Helper III

How to make drop down required before submission

Hi everyone, 


I wanted to see if there was an easy way to mark a drop down item 'required' so that it has to be changed/selected before the form is submitted.  I saw some examples if the drop down is BLANK, but mine are drop down lists that at the top state: "Please Select" - so is there a way to bypass this at all?  


Here is my 'Submit' Code: 


Patch('CU QA Post Qualification PA',Defaults('CU QA Post Qualification PA'),
{Specialist:'Specialist Drop Down_Eval'.Selected.Specialist,
Supervisor:'CU Supervisor_Eval'.Text,
'Case Number':Case_Number_Eval.Text,
'CU QA Comments':CU_Comments_Eval.Text,
'CU Program':CU_Program_Eval.Selected.'CU Programs',
'CU QA Score':Value(CU_Score_Eval.Text),
Session:CU_Session_Eval.Selected.'CU Sessions',
'Case Completed Date':Case_Completed_Date_Eval.SelectedDate,
'CU Email Address SP':'Specialist Drop Down_Eval'.Selected.Email,
'Quality Review':CU_Quality_Review_Eval.Selected.'CU Quality Reviews',
'CU Service Errors':Left(Concat(CU_Eval_Findings.SelectedItems, 'CU Evaluation Findings'& ","), Len(Concat(CU_Eval_Findings.SelectedItems,'CU Evaluation Findings' & ","))-1),
'CU Service Type':"Evaluations"});
Navigate('Submission Success Screen',Fade)


And example of one of my drop down items (See attached): 

Super User
Super User


Change the DisplayMode property of your submit button to this code:


If(Dropdown1.Selected.Value=“Please Select”,DisplayMode.Disabled, DisplayMode.Edit)


Now your button cannot be clicked unless the button the dropdown is filled


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Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

You could better replace your dropdowns with comboboxes. These can be not selected and gives you a hinttext for your please select....


Yes I know this will take some time, but will sure benefit you in the long run.



Hello and thank you for the response.  I tried this, but must have something wrong: 


If('Specialist Drop Down_Eval'.Selected.Value="Please Select",DisplayMode.Disabled, DisplayMode.Edit)

 - I get the red squiggle line under Value, and when I replaced it with 'specialist' - it still let me submit it with no problem when I had only the Please Select on.  Did I miss anything?

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Also, this is a form, is that right? Why use Patch formula then?


You can just do SubmitForm(YourForm) and the form will do the patch for you. On the OnSuccess of the form you can then put then Navigate().


Also, when I right you can set required to true on the datacard. Not sure here, but I will check later.


Hope this helps.



Can you please share a screenshot of what your app looks like when the ComboBox is showing "Please Select"?  Make sure to include formula bar in the screenshot and control name highlighted in the left-side menu.

I have a few ideas why this might be happening and seeing the app usually helps me to diagnose.


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Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar



If you want/need to use Patch formula then you have to validate the input before you use Patch. How to do this? I made a video a while back, you can find it here


Reason is that when you Patch required should be set in the datasource.



This video link worked perfect for me. 

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