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How to open a OneDrive link that is the result of a flow

Hello guys,


I'm trying to open a file that is stored in one drive and the link is coming from Flow.


My code is:

            "Relatório PEP",
                Text(item.'Data da Avaliação'), 
    Notify("Gerando Relatório", NotificationType.Information)


Look at the result of the flow:



And the result from the app monitor:

"time": "10:24:05.008",
"category": "Network",
"name": "Run",
"data": {
"dataOperation": {
"protocol": "rest",
"operation": "Run",
"dataSource": "PdfGenerator"
"context": {
"rule": "Icon11.OnSelect",
"nodeId": ""
"request": {
"url": "",
"method": "POST",
"headers": {
"x-ms-user-agent": "PowerApps/3.20022.19 (Web AuthoringTool; AppName=937f24cc-6588-4c1b-9957-cebce310f613)",
"x-ms-client-session-id": "22a0ba76-fd47-4490-8bf9-96b179611bc2",
"x-ms-client-request-id": "ad609876-7a28-46e2-9254-67c0a22f749f",
"Accept-Language": "en-US",
"Accept": "*/*",
"Cache-Control": "no-cache, no-store",
"Content-Type": "application/json",
"x-ms-request-method": "POST",
"x-ms-request-url": "/apim/logicflows/0e2e5910-c939-45b0-a861-192e574ce6c8/triggers/manual/run?api-version=2015-02-01-preview"
"body": {
"Initializevariable_Value": "Relatório PEP",
"varHtmlContent_Value": "<!DOCTYPE html>\n<html lang=\"pt-BR\">\n\n<head>\n <meta charset=\"utf-8\">\n <title>Relatório PEP</title>\n <style>\n body {\n background-color: white;\n color: #10384f;\n }\n\n table {\n width: 100%;\n border-collapse: collapse;\n border: 0;\n }\n\n th {\n background-color: #10384f;\n color: white;\n padding: 10px 0;\n }\n\n td {\n padding: 5px 0;\n }\n\n .bordered {\n border: solid 1px #10384f;\n }\n\n .obs-table td {\n height: 150px;\n vertical-align: top;\n }\n\n .text-left {\n text-align: left !important;\n }\n\n .container-image {\n width: 50px;\n }\n\n body {\n margin: 20px;\n position: relative;\n }\n\n .footer>div {\n display: inline;\n }\n\n .footer .logo {\n width: 5%;\n }\n\n .footer .logo img{\n height: 24px;\n }\n\n .footer td:not(.logo){\n overflow: hidden;\n }\n\n .footer-text {\n display:block;\n width: 100%;\n padding: 10px 10px;\n background-color: #900C3F;\n color: white;\n margin-left: 10px;\n }\n .text-bold{\n font-weight:bold;\n }\n\n td:not(.text-bold){\n padding-left: 5px;\n }\n </style>\n</head>\n\n<body>\n <table>\n <tbody>\n <tr>\n <td colspan=\"3\">\n <table>\n <tr>\n <th >RELATÓRIO DE AVALIAÇÃO</th>\n <td width=\"5%\"><img src=\"{{logotipo_bayer}}\" height=\"24\" class=\"logo-bayer\" ></td>\n </tr>\n </table>\n </td>\n </tr>\n <tr>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Data:</td>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Fazenda:</td>\n <td>Talhão:</td>\n </tr>\n <tr>\n <td>2/19/2020</td>\n <td></td>\n <td></td>\n </tr>\n <tr>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Cliente:</td>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Supervisor:</td>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Técnico</td>\n </tr>\n <tr>\n <td>Bracell<td>\n <td></td>\n <td></td>\n </tr>\n <tr>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">EPS:</td>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Operador:</td>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Encarregado:</td>\n </tr>\n <tr>\n <td></td>\n <td>Marcelo</td>\n <td>Ezequiel </td>\n </tr>\n <tr>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Tipo de Atividade:</td>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Identificação Implemento</td>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Trator:</td>\n </tr>\n <tr>\n <td></td>\n <td>OK</td>\n <td>5015</td>\n </tr>\n <tr class=\"divider\">\n <td colspan=\"3\">&nbsp;</td>\n </tr> \n\n <tr>\n <th colspan=\"3\">DESCRIÇÃO DO PULVERIZADOR E DA APLICAÇÃO</th>\n </tr>\n <tr>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Produto 1:</td>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Produto 2:</td>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Produto 3:</td>\n </tr>\n <tr>\n <td>Flumyzin</td>\n <td>Scout</td>\n <td>Scout</td>\n </tr>\n <tr>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Produto 4:</td>\n <td class=\"text-bold\"></td>\n <td class=\"text-bold\"></td>\n </tr>\n <tr>\n <td></td>\n <td></td>\n <td></td>\n </tr>\n <!-- <tr>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Produto 1:</td>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Dose recomendada:</td>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Dose aplicada:</td>\n </tr>\n <tr>\n <td>Scout</td>\n <td>2</td>\n <td>1</td>\n </tr>\n <tr>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Produto 2:</td>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Dose recomendada:</td>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Dose aplicada:</td>\n </tr>\n <tr>\n <td>Scout</td>\n <td>2</td>\n <td>1</td>\n </tr>\n <tr>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Produto 3:</td>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Dose recomendada:</td>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Dose aplicada:</td>\n </tr>\n <tr>\n <td>Scout</td>\n <td>2</td>\n <td>1</td>\n </tr>\n <tr>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Produto 4:</td>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Dose recomendada:</td>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Dose aplicada:</td>\n </tr>\n <tr>\n <td>Scout</td>\n <td>2</td>\n <td>1</td>\n </tr> -->\n <tr>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Volume de calda:</td>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Velocidade:</td>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Faixa aplicação:</td>\n </tr>\n <tr>\n <td>200</td>\n <td>5.62500000000000</td>\n <td>200</td>\n </tr>\n <tr>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Vazão esperada:</td>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Vazão coletada:</td>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Desvio %:</td>\n </tr>\n <tr>\n <td>?</td>\n <td>?</td>\n <td>?</td>\n </tr>\n <tr>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Vazão status:</td>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Status Bicos:</td>\n <td class=\"text-bold\">Status Distribuição:</td>\n </tr>\n <tr>\n <td>?</td>\n <td>Reprovado</td>\n <td>0</td>\n </tr>\n <tr class=\"divider\">\n <td colspan=\"3\">&nbsp;</td>\n </tr> \n <tr>\n <th colspan=\"3\">OBSERVAÇÕES</th>\n </tr>\n <tr>\n <td colspan=\"3\">Foi coletada apenas 3 bicos pois um anti gotejo estava com vazamento.</td>\n </tr>\n </tbody>\n </table>\n<hr>\n <table class=\"footer\">\n <tr>\n <td class=\"logo\"><img src=\"{{logotipo_pep}}\" alt=\"\"></td>\n <td><span class=\"footer-text\">RELATÓRIO DE AVALIAÇÃO DE PULVERIZADOR</span></td>\n </tr>\n\n </table>\n</body>\n\n</html>",
"varFileName_Value": "avaliacao_2/19/2020Bracell"
"response": {
"duration": 11712.07,
"size": 143,
"status": 200,
"headers": {
"Cache-Control": "no-cache",
"content-encoding": "gzip",
"Content-Type": "application/json; charset=utf-8",
"Date": "Fri, 06 Mar 2020 13:24:04 GMT",
"expires": -1,
"pragma": "no-cache",
"strict-transport-security": "max-age=31536000; includeSubDomains",
"timing-allow-origin": "*",
"vary": "Accept-Encoding",
"x-ms-apihub-cached-response": true,
"x-ms-client-tracking-id": "08586181058516244787360760313CU27",
"x-ms-correlation-id": "d4c4dfc5-3143-4074-ba25-906e17c7c6d6",
"x-ms-execution-location": "westeurope",
"x-ms-ratelimit-burst-remaining-workflow-writes": 499,
"x-ms-ratelimit-remaining-workflow-download-contentsize": 357913457,
"x-ms-ratelimit-remaining-workflow-upload-contentsize": 357906153,
"x-ms-ratelimit-time-remaining-directapirequests": 33322243,
"x-ms-request-id": "westeurope:d4c4dfc5-3143-4074-ba25-906e17c7c6d6",
"x-ms-tracking-id": "d4c4dfc5-3143-4074-ba25-906e17c7c6d6",
"x-ms-trigger-history-name": "08586181058516244787360760313CU27",
"x-ms-workflow-id": "039c563354ba4b53ab21a0fba7022e7e",
"x-ms-workflow-name": "0e2e5910-c939-45b0-a861-192e574ce6c8",
"x-ms-workflow-run-id": "08586181058516244787360760313CU27",
"x-ms-workflow-system-id": "/locations/westeurope/scaleunits/prod-72/workflows/039c563354ba4b53ab21a0fba7022e7e",
"x-ms-workflow-version": "08586181075482960578"
"body": {
"arquivo": ""
"duration": 11712.07,
"status": 200,
"responseSize": 143,
"operation": "Run",
"formula": "Icon11.OnSelect",
"nodeId": "",
"dataSource": "PdfGenerator",
"id": 1

I have attached a gif to show you that the app does not launch the link.


For reference, I used the following video as a base for my implementation: 


Have you ever had a problem like this?

Super User III
Super User III

Hi @samurodrigo ,

You can try here, but I suggest you also will have a better chance of a solution on the Power Automate Community

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