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How to parse json in a condition?

I'm tyrying to parse some json returned from a HTTP request. 

The request works fine, but I'm having trouble getting the variable I want test extracted correctly. 

The json returned is:


{ "Time":"12 Jul 2016 930 AM EST " ,"Direction":"225" ,"Gusts":"2.4" ,"Wind":"1.7" ,"Tempature":"78.9" ,"KPTime":"2016-07-12 14:24" ,"KPCard":"SSW" ,"KPDirection":"202" ,"KPGusts":"7.00" ,"KPWind":"6.61" }


I want to parse out out the value after this "Gusts":"2.4" to be value 2.4 and run a condition on it:

I assumed I could take the body as  'Gusts' : 'ERGust' and a condition of:


@greater(body('Http')['ERGust'], 5)







The Flow is at:


Any thoughts?





New Member

Did you find a way to get this to work? Same situation

The above example is very close but not quite correct. If you have 

{ "Time":"12 Jul 2016 930 AM EST " ,"Direction":"225" ,"Gusts":"2.4" ,"Wind":"1.7" ,"Tempature":"78.9" ,"KPTime":"2016-07-12 14:24" ,"KPCard":"SSW" ,"KPDirection":"202" ,"KPGusts":"7.00" ,"KPWind":"6.61" }


Then all you need to do in the condition is:


@greater(int(body('Http')['Gusts']), 5)


And then it'll work. I think the issues with the original post are:

1. You don't need to re-map anything in the HTTP call - just use the output-as is. The Body for that card should be the body you're passing to the backing API in the POST call -- so you should probably leave that blank (or provide whatever JSON that backing API requires in the POST).

2. The API is returning Gusts as a string, but you want to compare it as an integer. That means you have to use the int() function.


I hope this helps!

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How do you parse json to get the string from a HTTP POST.


I am working with the following response body:


Status Code: 200
Body: {"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":{"random":{"data":["48588608"],"completionTime":"2016-12-16 03:28:36Z"},"bitsUsed":27,"bitsLeft":249460,"requestsLeft":980,"advisoryDelay":230},"id":32400}


I want to extract the value 48588608 from result/random/data.


I am using Mcrosoft Flow and want to uise this string in an email, for example.





I'm now getting an error message:

'The template language expression 'greater(int(body('http')['Gusts']), 5)' cannot be evaluated because property 'Gusts' cannot be selected. Property selection is not supported on values of type 'String'. Please see for usage details.'.

Any thoughts how to debug this.  I'm really returning a Json string, not a well-formed http string.

The return string from the URL is:

{"Time":"December 16, 2016 10:00 am EST" ,"Card":"W" ,"Direction":"260" ,"Gusts":" 17.5" ,"Wind":" 13.6" ,"Tempature":" 20.7" ,"KPTime":"2016-12-16 15:12" ,"KPCard":"NW" ,"KPDirection":"325" ,"KPGusts":"17.88" ,"KPWind":"13.41" }




I got the following to work for my Json:


@greater(float(json(body('http'))['Gusts']), 30)


in the condition and


Wind is @{json(body('http'))['Gusts']} from the @{json(body('http'))['Direction']} degrees from north


for the notification box.


Hope this helps



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