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How to save, delete and reload the data again from sharepoint list to powerapp

I'm trying to build a powerapp where one of the functionality is for the user to enter something in a text field and if they do so, a toggle switch will be turned on. However, I need it so that once a user enters something in the input field, it gets stored there even upon closing the powerapp. I've created a sharepoint list to try and save and reload the data but don't know if this is the way to go?

Also if the user clears the input field I need the powerapp to stay updated accordingly. Any help is appreciated.



Hi @Anonymous ,

If you require a data source that helps you persist the state of a field outside of the app session, then a list is probably the way to go, unless your users are exclusively using mobile devices in which case you can use the offline capability to store persistent data between sessions.

Either way, you probably need to use the OnChange: property of the text input to save the data immediately to the source.

You would do this using Patch()  or SubmitForm() depending on how you're presenting the input text field to the user...

If the user deletes the data in a field, you may need to enable Formula Level Error Management under Settings for your app, (you can find it under experimental features) in order to write back a null/Blank value to SharePoint - otherwise PowerApps may just leave the field as it was without updating it.

Hope this helps,


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