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How to search Office365Users and filter results by department?

I have a staff Directory and I am trying to filter results by the employees department (preferably using a dropdown menu) so if you select Marketing in the dropdown, the Gallery only displays people in the Marketing Department, if you select Human Resources, it returns people in the that department, etc. 


So far I have it working with a text box and a Gallery with the following in Items - Filter(Office365Users.SearchUser({searchTerm: SearchTerm.Text}),AccountEnabled=true). When I type in a name it returns people with that name only. I cannot figure how to have it search and return results based on Department instead of Name. 


Anyone have any ideas on how I can accomplish this?


Based on my research and Tial & errors i guess the Office365Users.SearchUser ist not reliable.

When i filter in a Tenant with at least more than 1000 Users, then the Department-Filter not working.

I use a Combobox on SharePoint People Picker configured as



Filter(Office365Users.SearchUser({searchTerm:cmbAssignedTo.SearchText,top:999}), IsBlank(Department)=false && AccountEnabled=true && Department=cmbDepartments.Selected.Label)



When i remove the Department-Filter on the dependent ComboBox, then the Preview retrieves all enabled Account-Users with Department-Value.



Filter(Office365Users.SearchUser({searchTerm:cmbAssignedTo.SearchText,top:999}), IsBlank(Department)=false && AccountEnabled=true)


The Preview in PowerApps is working without dependent Department-Filter, but after Publishing to SharePoint, the ComboBox does not retrieve any users.


There are Limitations to Filter in SearchUsers, which cannot limited with the top-Operator?

This is annoying  

You must prefetch the dependent Department-Label in a Text-Label named lblDeparment with the Text-Formula



then refer to this lblDepartment.Text in your Filter-Formula:


Filter(Office365Users.SearchUser({searchTerm:cmbAssignedTo.SearchText,top:999}), IsBlank(Department)=false && AccountEnabled=true && Department=lblDepartment.Text)

This is working for me in a Tenant with many thousands of users... 

Take care with this Department-Filter. In this Casse the Office365Users.SearchUser() Connector is not reliable in Tenants with more then 999 Users, because the filter on JobTitle, Department or Location is established after the top:999 User Limit. No Pagination in Batches possible with this Connector. So the filters on JobTitle, Department or Location are not delegable. Suboptimal Connector Design.... 

Helper I
Helper I

Any solution you find for this problem? My requirement is same like yours.

Thank you, Pooja

No, unfortunately I did not find a solution for this.

Frequent Visitor

Its 2022 and still no solution. I have also tried everything I can think of. It's is highly frustrating. Wonder if MS is not considering the misuse (or perhaps performance?) of a function where you can just dump the entire user complement from AAD. Nevertheless I need this for an HR solution. Irritating. 


I promise to post something if I find a solution or get the wind of an improvement function. 

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