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How to send an email to the Person or group feild.

I have multiple person or group  field in an application as follows:


Employee details

Manager details

Trainer details. 

 In this i wanted to send an email to the field "Employee details" Currently I m using the Onselect property of a a submit button a form to Office365Outlook.SendEmail(sharepoint name. Employee details.Email, "Subject", Hi "& sharepoint name. Employee details.displayname&" Welcome onboard"). But this is giving me some error. can you help me to correct this and help me to use a send email function based on the employee details feild and also in the body in the opening of the email it must include the Display name of the employee details. 




Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Hi @Priyasantra ,
Please try to check like below.

//if People User Field Allow multi select Option.
Office365Outlook.SendEmailV2(First(ThisItem.Candidate.Email).Email,"Send mail through Gallery Icon Button","Hi"&Text(First(ThisItem.Candidate.DisplayName).DisplayName));

//If peope Field allow only single value selection.
Office365Outlook.SendEmailV2(ThisItem.MyUser.Email,"Send mail through Gallery Icon Button","Hi"&ThisItem.MyUser.DisplayName&"Rest og the Body content goes here");



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Super User
Super User


What error message are you receiving?  This info is usually important to solving the problem.  Suggest you share it here.


In the meantime I would suggest you try using SendMailV2 instead.  Let me know if this works.


    'sharepoint name'. 'Employee details'.Email,
    Hi "& 'sharepoint name'. 'Employee details'.DisplayName&" Welcome onboard"



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Hi @mdevaney  I have tried this but it gives an error as follows




It tells your function sendemail has invalid arguments


My requirement is when i click the submit button it should send out an email to the "Employee details" and also the opening of the email must have the display name of the employee in the email body as follows 



Please assist



Hi @VijayTailor 


I have tried your method but your method doesn't have an option to select Thisitem itself. It says the same error. Also if I type manually it gives me the error as invalid arguments




Can you help me with something else?




Your problem is with this code.  It doesn't actually generate an email.  Replace it with some code that does or hardcode your own email as a test.



'sharepoint name'. 'Employee details'.Email




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Hi @Priyasantra ,

Collect the Data using variable and Instead of  Thisitem you can use varName.Email like that.
if your doubt still not clarified then, please describe here How you getting data you showing in the Form / Inputs that you mentioned in Screenshot.


Hi @mdevaney 


Can you explain me what do you mean by hardcode? I am very sorry but I am very new to powerapp.

Hi @VijayTailor @mdevaney 


Even this did not work. 


The concept is very simple. I am creating an onboarding application. So in this My requirement is for the first form. I have a form as shown in the below screenshot. and a submit button associated with this form. All I wanted to to do is when I click on submit button it should submit the form and sends out the email to the "Employee details". Employee details is a person and a group feild. The data source is a sharepoint list. And the other connectors I am using are "Outlook365users" and "Office365 users"




Your help is much appreciated.




Hi @Priyasantra ,

As i understood , you are using the form and on Submit on Form, you are trying to sending mail.
Please see the below demo how you collect email and send email to the Selected user in the people or group field.

Due to size constrain uploading into Zip File.

have a look into that, Hope your Issue reslove

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