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Resolver I

How to send an email when Users are using the App



I have set up my power apps and shared it to 2 others and it works. Now I want to share to users and limit their access to the data source which is Excel - so I have shared view only.

On start up I am getting (see image 'Snip1') error, which does go. When I select the form and I have entered in to it I get (see 'SnipImage') an error message.

I don't know what the cause of this is and we're in testing stages right now so I hoping to get this sorted - This data source will be moved SQL eventually when IT get themselves sorted.

Any advice - It all works fine on my system but now I have shared it (Shared the App and the data source) it's now not playing ball.

Resolver II
Resolver II

Hello Russelln1


If your data source is Excel these problems may (or may not) be reproduced in SQL. My recommendation for prototypes is to use Sharepoint Lists. Simple, straightforward, there are many tutorials if you have not used them and there are more and better permission systems than in excel.


Take a look at it and see if you are happy with it as a substitute for excel.



Hey @Ismael_Novo 

Yes I have been looking at that as an option - I know Excel is a dog of a data source and not really geared up for power apps functionality. If I was to export in to Sharepoint get it stable, that stability will remain when it's move SQL I would assume?

I'm all new to this and having learnt the tip of the iceberg with PowerApps and Power BI I just wanted a break from it lol. 

Appreciate the advice.

Resolver II
Resolver II

Hello again.


Every excel table can be imported directly as a sharepoint list, even the IDs inside SharePoint would be friendly like 1-2-3-4.... Instead of weird GUIDs for the rows. With a little work you can even make a column that is a foreign key of another list. So, the migration from excel to SharePoint is quick and a better aproach to prototypes.


Further migration is not immediate, the functions are slightly different but certainly working with SharePoint lists is more SQL-like as each list could be a future SQL table to begin with. Play around with lists a bit and you are sure to offload a lot of work from Excel to Lists from here on out.



I have exported excel in to Sharepoint  but issues I have come up with are  - I'm replacing the excel data source to the Sharepoint data source in the coding but the column headings are coming up as "field_1", "field_2" etc and some come up as I have labelled them in excel.


Also I'm getting little yellow triangles on my data cards, not all of them. For example I have an Employee Code (Type Number) and Employee First Name (Type Single Line of Text). the idea is to enter the Employee Code and their name returns automatically in the First Name box - It all works perfectly yet I have that yellow triangle. It says they must be the same type so I changed the Employee code to Single Line of Text, refreshed but still have the Triangle??

Resolver II
Resolver II

Hi Russelln1.


The column headings are easy to change. I understand that this is not a problem.


Regarding the problems/alerts with the data type, the most convenient is to play a little with the VALUE and TEXT functions:


* Check also in the data sources that the lists are up to date after every change, so as not to close and open the editor they have an option to refresh.



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