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Advocate II

How to set the color for Lookup window of combobox?

Hi everybody,

I have created some controls (including some comboboxes) to setup a table where the first record can be used for inserting new records and after that all records are shown. From desgin perspective we want to color the new record line with another color. 

So far everythink is okay. But for the Lookup window we want to select anther color to fill. The Lookup windows just should have a white background. But currently we do only have one fill property and there is no separate fill for the lookup window... Has anyone another idea?


2019-07-23 PowerApps Image 1.png2019-07-23 PowerApps Image 2.png

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you could add a field/column in the datasource with some kind of status, like "new".

and calculate the fill on that column

Afterwards like on the onhidden of the screen you could say updatif(status = new; not new).

this way the next time it wont look like a new record

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @jiwanovski ,

Could you please share a bit more about your scenario?

Could you please show more details about the "LookUp window" that you mentioned? Is it the Dropdown list panel of the ComboBox?

Further, do you want to set the Color of the "LookUp Window" of the ComboBox to another color?


Based on the screenshot that you mentioned, I suppose that you add a Gallery control to list your all data source records, is it true?

Based on the issue that you mentioned, I have made a test on my side, and don't have the issue that you mentioned. The screenshot as below:6.JPG

How do you color the first record within the Gallery in your app? Via the Fill property of the Gallery?


If you color the first record within the Gallery in your app via the Fill property of the Gallery, I think there is something wrong with it. Instead, please consider color the first record in your Gallery via the TemplateFill property as below:7.JPG

then you could set the Fill property of the ComboBox to another color value you want to set. e.g. set the Fill property of the ComboBox to following:

RGBA(255, 255, 0, 1)

Note: The forth argument within above RGBA function could not be set to 0, otherwise, the Gallery's TemplateFill color value would override the Fill property of the ComboBox.


On your side, please consider add a Gallery control within your app to list all records from your data source, and add related ComboBox controls within the Gallery.


Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

Hey all,

I am sorry, but I think my first post was not that clear, what I am searching for... 

So I try to explain it else.


2019-07-23 PowerApps Image 2.png

I just have marked two Areas in my screenshot.

Area A is visible all time and should be in this light yellow color. You just should see the value of it. 

Area B is what I called Lookup earlier. This should get just White as background.


When I just set the Fill property of the combobox to light yellow, Area B also gets yellow. So by default I haven't found a solution to realize this... 

I also tried to set the Fill property to transparent, but then Area B just have no background too and this looks very strange... This seems more to be a missing feature... 


So any idea how this can be done as long the Custom Control Framework is not available for Canvas apps?


--> Link to idea of Custom Control Framework for Canvas Apps

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You could make the fill white,

then add a rectangle fill yellow, 0.5 transparency over the element with a visible calculation of the onselect property of the dropdown, everytime you select it it will be made or unmad like set(boolean; !boolean)

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Hi @jiwanovski how are you progressing with this? Was the above reply helpful?



Hi @Anonymous,

it is helpfull for some parts... But it does not fit for every case...

Another case (this could only be a workarround because of other missing features) is:

In case of modern design aspects we want to have rounded input controls. 

We want to use also some comboboxes. On Comboboxes (and a lot of other controls) the radius property is still missing... 

What I tried:

- Set transparency of ComboBox to 50%

- Set a button behind the ComboBox and setup fill to white and set radius properties


This looks mostly okay, BUT in the corners you still can see, that the edges of the ComboBox lies over the Button control.... But the ComboBox must be in the foreground so select Chevron etc and we cannot set the transparency to 0%... This then looks okay when just seeing it. But if you want to select a value, you cannot see the list.... 


So all in all:

- It would be nice when we can have radius properties on more controls (Rectangle, ComboBox, etc.) -> Idea:

- It would be nice if we can create own controls with Custom Control Framework for Canvas Apps -> Idea:

- It would be cool when you can setup an own Fill for the Lookup windows (Area B in Screenshot above



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